SponsorPay Prioritizes Advertiser Relations With Workshop at AEGIS Agency

SponsorPay values opportunities that help bring us closer to our advertising partners. That is why we put together the Workshop AEGIS on May 15, 2013. AEGIS is a world leading media & digital communications group whose brands include Carat, iProspect, Isobar and Posterscope.

The objective was to both present and demonstrate BrandEngage®to representatives of media agencies. The event was made interactive by allowing participants to test BrandEngage® on both iPad and Android tablets. After Thomas Pfluger, Director of Sales, introduced BrandEngage®, Karsten Maxem, Director of Business Development and Ad Sales at European Games Group, shared the positive experience his gaming company has had working with SponsorPay. In addition, Karsten explained the benefit of engagement advertising when integrated within its games such as Nova Raider, Hero Zero and Supersoldier.

The session covered important points of why BrandEngage® is valuable for advertisers looking to reach their audience more effectively:

  • Casual gaming is a mass medium, reaching nowadays a large and diverse group of consumers.
  • BrandEngage® is a special and innovative technology with an attractive design that makes interacting with its content pleasing to the user.
  • Advertising in games must be integrated in a way that does not disrupt the true purpose of the game. With the BrandEngage® design and content, users demand its content rather than reject it as an annoyance.
  • New devices such as tablets and smartphones are emerging popular gaming consoles. With BrandEngage®, each campaign is tailored to the device on which the advertisement is being shown.

Attendees of the workshop left with an understanding of the features and benefits of  BrandEngage® and how it can help them as advertisers. Check out the photos of the event below!


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