SponsorPay Raises Awareness for World Refugee Day

BrandEngage® by SponsorPay supported MEC Global Solutions in leading a multi-channel campaign to raise awareness for World Refugee Day for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). World Refugee Day on 20th June celebrates the courage, strength and determination of people forced to flee their homeland under the threat of persecution, conflict and violence. With SponsorPay’s help, MEC Global raised over £297,000 worth of free inventory across TV and online media.

The campaign featured a 30-second video in addition to an invitation for the user to like World Refugee Day on Facebook and participate in a Thunderclap. The images below give you an inside look into the campaign:



As a company proud of our internationality, raising awareness for World Refugee Day is an important cause for SponsorPay and we are proud to have played such an active role in spreading its message. We look forward to supporting similar causes in the future.

Interested in learning more? Read the MEC Global press release and watch the video below to learn more about World Refugee Day!

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