SponsorPay Receives Top Marks For Localization

European blog Social Games Observer recently conducted a study of ten offer-based payment providers on Facebook to examine the varying degrees of localization. SponsorPay’s scientifically optimized offer wall received commendation from the reviewers – “Well done, no changes required.”

High quality localization has always been the premise of our approach to monetization. A few months ago, we discussed the importance of localization with some of our publisher partners and they resonated our philosophy. Michael Zillmer, CEO of InnoGames, and Linus Menden, Head of Finance at Bigpoint, both stressed the importance of looking beyond mere translation to aspects such as cultural differences among users who might speak the same language. Indeed, it was evident from our conversations with them that proper localization cannot be achieved as an afterthought – it requires consolidated organization-wide action.

Check out the complete analysis on Social Games Observer – Localization: A Review of Ten Offer Walls on Facebook.

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