SponsorPay Sees Mobile Platform Grow 308%, Makes Strategic New Hires

Berlin, GERMANY, 19 June 2013 – SponsorPay, the world’s leading value-­exchange advertising platform, announced today that the company’s mobile revenues in May 2013 were 308 percent higher than in May 2012. This growth has fueled the company’s expansion with the hire of senior executives in developer relations and finance in the San Francisco and Berlin offices, respectively. 

SponsorPay’s mobile revenues in May 2013 were 308 percent greater from a 355 percent increase in transactions* compared to the same month last year – mobile now forms more than half of the company’s overall business. These results reflect an industry trend in which mobile is becoming an increasingly popular platform for entertainment, including games, music services, social networking and communication. Games, in particular, command one-­third of all time spent on mobile devices. Simultaneously, the number of mobile gamers in the US is expected to hit 121 million this year, rising to 141 million in 2014. In response to these developments, brands are shifting their attention to mobile advertising – an estimated $7.29 billion market this year in the United States alone.

“We’re committed to help resolve some of the key monetization and user acquisition challenges facing the industry today,” said Janis Zech, CRO and co­founder of SponsorPay. “Our mission is to drive value in the mobile app ecosystem, and enable developers to focus their energy and passion on creating great apps.”

SponsorPay’s innovative Mediation Platform, launched in March this year, has already gained considerable traction among leading publishers such as Droidhen, Animoca, Alawar, Nordeus and Tagged, among others. The platform’s sophisticated yield optimization solution has delivered a 31 – 33 percent increase in eCPMs for clients.

At the same time, the SponsorPay’s user acquisition products have also seen tremendous success with well over 40 million installs delivered in the past year to partner brands such as Groupon as well as developers GREE and DeNA, among others. This year, in particular, has been explosive with a record 300,000+ installs delivered in just 24 hours to advertising partners last month.

Another major area of focus for the company has been to attract topnotch talent. Benjamin Chen joins SponsorPay as Senior Vice President of Business Development and Developer Relations. An industry veteran, Chen’s previous stints include leading developer relations and sales teams at GREE International, DeNA Global and Playdom.

SponsorPay also welcomes Maroje Guertl to its Berlin headquarters as Vice President of Finance and Strategy. Guertl brings with him years of experience at investment banks Credit Suisse and UBS, as well as Bain & Company.

“We’re excited about this tectonic shift to mobile and have been investing heavily in building out our next generation advertising platform. It is an exciting time to join SponsorPay and my pleasure to welcome our newest executives,” added Andreas Bodczek, SponsorPay CEO and co-­founder, who will be moving to San Francisco in July to help lead business development efforts.

* The extension of the platform to advertising formats with lower payouts, such as video, has resulted in lower average transaction values (ATVs) but a significant increase in transaction volume.

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