Fyber Supports the Google Advertising ID

Dear Clients,

Starting on August 1, 2014, advertisers running Android campaigns will be required to use the Google Advertising ID (when available on a device) in lieu of any other device identifiers for any advertising purposes. This means that access to the current identifiers (e.g. Android ID) is not guaranteed anymore. The Google Advertising ID is a user-specific and unique ID for advertising created by Google Play. The anonymous identifier, used by developers for advertising, allows users to opt out of receiving advertisements from Google Play apps.

Does Fyber (formerly SponsorPay) support the new Google Advertising ID?

Yes, we support the Google Advertising ID in our current Android SDK.

What does this change mean for app developers?

When Google makes the official switch to the Google Advertising ID, advertisers will start using this ID as the only ID for attribution when it is available. These campaigns will only be available to apps that already use the updated version of our SDK (version 6.1.2) with support for the Google Advertising ID. Therefore, we strongly encourage all app developers to upgrade to our latest SDK. Apps using any ID other than the Google Advertising ID for attribution could be rejected from the Google Play Store after August 1, 2014.

What does this change mean for advertisers?

When Google makes the official switch to the Google Advertising ID on August 1, 2014, advertisers should ensure their attribution logic is updated to use only the new Google Advertising ID for attribution when it is available. This is crucial in order to ensure acceptance into the Google Play marketplace.

For more information, please refer to Google Play’s
guidelines for developers, as well as Android’s developer content policy.

Please also feel free to contact your account managers to answer any further questions.

All best wishes,
The Fyber Team

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