SponsorPay Turkey Experiences 433% YoY Growth In First Quarter 2013

Value-Exchange Advertising Company Sees Soaring Revenues From Mobile User Acquisition Campaigns

ISTANBUL (April 16, 2013) – SponsorPay, the leading value-exchange advertising company, announced today that it surpassed its 2012 mobile user acquisition revenues in Turkey within the first three months of 2013. This represents a 433% year-on-year growth rate. Half of the revenue growth this year can be attributed to SponsorPay’s Turkish advertising partners Mobilike and Mynet.

“We’ve seen our partnership with SponsorPay grow day by day. We contacted SponsorPay due to their local mobile traffic in lots of countries for both iOS and Android. This is what our global customers look for. SponsorPay boosted our campaigns with their fast platform and reliable traffic channels. In only five months, they have become one of our strongest providers in performance-based campaigns,” said Güven Soydan, Product Manager at Mobilike.

“As Mynet, we were searching for performance-based advertising channels for our mobile apps in late 2012. After we started working with SponsorPay, they delivered the service we were seeking. We look forward to continuing our strong partnership in 2013,” added Tamer Tümkaya, Marketing Executive at Mynet.

Mobile is a dominant source of growth for SponsorPay. According to a study by InMobi, people on average now spend 117 minutes daily with their mobile device in comparison to only 98 minutes daily on TV. SponsorPay’s diverse product portfolio is a top choice for both app developers aiming to acquire loyal users as well as brands looking for innovative ways to engage with consumers.

“During 2012, we saw the mobile business expand rapidly everywhere across Turkey. The Turkish youth are trendy and connected, resulting in this strong growth,” said Afsin Avci, Advertiser Manager for Turkey and Greece at SponsorPay. “As the mobile industry continues to strengthen in Turkey, we look forward to continued success with our mobile products.”



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