SponsorPay’s Mari Carmen Gutiérrez Coaches Rails Girls Berlin

Our employees are not only hard at work everyday, but also very active in the startup community. The latest example of that is Mari’s participation with Rails Girls Berlin, an organization that “is all about enthusing women about programming.” Mari is spreading her knowledge as a Rails Girls coach.

Mari a web developer here at SponsorPay who is passionate about Ruby on Rails. Since joining the team in October, she’s be a vital asset to our IT department.

Recently, she was interviewed by Rails Girls and offered the following words of advice:

“Of course, when you start something that you have never seen before and is as weird and complex as Computer Science looks at first, you are full of fear. But if you really like it, there’s nothing you can’t achieve, sooner or later. It’s a matter of trying, getting wrong, learning, and getting wiser and stronger throughout the process.”

The full interview can be read here.


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