Fyber’s San Francisco Office Moves to Market

It’s official (and we have a wall decal to prove it – just see below) – our Bay Area crew has moved into the Humboldt Bank Building in the heart of San Francisco!

We’re pretty proud of our logo wall.
We’re pretty proud of our logo wall.

The SF branch has humble roots. The “office” began as a dual purpose two-bedroom apartment, home base for employees visiting frequently from Berlin. At the time, only one dedicated staff member comprised our Silicon Valley division, but a steady flow of Berlin counterparts staved off any potential loneliness.

A year later, it was a different story. Our team had grown quickly and we cozied up in a shared space on Townsend Street. The building housed a handful of other start-ups and a couple dozen game developer interns programming in the basement. Our less than 350 square foot room was snug to say the least. Now, in our new, roomier digs, we reminiscence on our time at Townsend as “team building.”

The San Francisco-based Fyber (formerly SponsorPay) clan now fits comfortably into our new workspace, sometimes spilling over into one of two (!) conference rooms, the lounge or kitchen. In our snazzy new office (check it out below!), we’re ready to take the US market by storm!

Action shot! Jeff gets excited about the newly installed hoop.
photo-1 copy
Where the magic happens. Our CEO Andreas’s office.
photo 4
Lounging central.
photo 3
Our sun-kissed second conference room.
photo 2
The SponsorPay Android figurines lord over the main conference room.
photo 1
Just another day in the office…

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