Let the sports games begin – Olympics Edition

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is on – and we’re ready to leap into the action! 206 countries competing for medals with over 11,000 talented athletes fulfilling their dreams of participating in the most famous global sporting event. But we’re all watching from our TVs and mobile phones – so we gathered some of our favorite mobile sports games to feel the excitement and rush of adrenaline!


So if you haven’t mastered Archery or simply can’t make it to Tokyo – you can still strive to feel Olympic at the tip of your fingers!




Game: Flip Diving


Publisher: MotionVolt Games



Put your diving skills to the test and pull off grand frontflips, backflips, and nifty tricks from a variety of high points – including cliffs, castles and wobbly platforms. Once known as “fancy diving” at the Olympics, this sport blends acrobatics, perfect form, and synchronization into an impressive work of art. Now you get to try it out for yourself and leap into the action with new tricks and jump spots. 


How do you progress in the game?

Based on your diving performance, you earn coins by making sure to catch them as you flip. You can also earn even more coins by viewing a rewarded video. Diving locations can only be unlocked via in-app purchases, while avatars and tricks can be unlocked in a spin wheel and through rewarded videos.


Download it here:





Game: Arrow Fest


Publisher: Rollic



The first mobile phone was brought to us in 1973, but did you know archery was first introduced to the Olympics in 1900? Fast forward more than 100 years and athletes are still competing to strike out the bullseye – and we can all take part in the fun. Arrow Fest brings a whole new meaning to archery with the adrenaline-rushing ride which includes precision and quick mathematical thinking. With loads of unique levels to play, use your arrows and tactics to overcome the enemy, master arrow control, and stack up on coins to upgrade your arrows and income. 


How do you progress in the game?

To get the most out of the game you need to collect as many arrows as possible by using precision, logic, and aiming for the blue gates – while at the same time avoiding the bad guys. The red glass windows subtract or divide your collected arrows – so try your best to avoid them. As you stride down the track, steer clear of the enemies because with each stab or obstruction you lose arrows which can prevent you from passing the level. When you do pass the finish line, you can multiply your earned coins by watching a rewarded video. 


Download it here:





Game: Top Eleven


Publisher: Nordeus



The Euro league might be over but the football fever, as usual, is still running high! In this game, you’re in charge of leading your Top Eleven to victory. Channel your inner Mourinho and take the lead in fine-tuning your strategy while competing against other soccer managers. Focus on increasing your performance and build up your unbeatable team, prep them for matches and help them recover – your field, your rules! As the manager, you’re in the decision-making hot seat setting up your dream team for glory and leading them through the ranks of the soccer league. Hungarian Ferenc Bene is the highest goal scorer in an Olympic tournament with 12 goals scored! Where? In Tokyo 1964! The perfect opportunity to try to beat that record…


How do you progress in the game?


In Top Eleven, it’s all about the Tokens! This free-to-play mobile game takes you on a full journey of what it takes to think and act like a soccer manager. You can earn tokens and cash by dealing with sponsors, increasing ticket sales, or getting a loan from the bank. Keeping your players happy and training them well so they perform better in matches. You can either purchase treatments, cash injections, morale boosters, or downtime for your players with your Tokens or through rewarded videos. And, if you’re looking to score extra Tokens, complete more missions in the Offer Wall!


Download it here:





Game: Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D


Publisher: Tap2Play



(Usain) Bolt your way through levels with your crowd and wit! You start alone, but just like any relay race, you’re a part of something bigger. This is a strategic race that combines logic, agility, and thrill. Gather the troops and get ready to run head-on for glory with your crowd in stickman battles. Lead your team through the different gates in a race to beat your opposing team. Be careful of the obstacles, they can eliminate some of your crowd. Your quick thinking and multiplication will set you up for winning this coin rush.


How do you progress in the game?

For every finish line you cross, you earn coins. You can also purchase skins with your earned coins and if you’re running short, there is a rewarded video to the rescue. Playable interstitials make the loading time of the next level fun. Once you reach level 5 you can build your crowd’s island by collecting gems via rewarded videos. This island keeps reserves of your crowd for backup.


Download it here:





Game: Basketball Stars™


Publisher: MiniClip



Dribble, aim, shoot and score! Run circles around your opponents, enter different challenges and show off your hoopster skills. Better yet, grab a friend, play multiplayer, and compete for your way to the top. This game’s animation and graphics are a slam dunk with the realistic 3D players and experience. Don’t miss the Tokyo Olympic Finals on August 7th. Currently, United States are the defending champions in both men’s and women’s tournaments, who’s up for the challenge in this year’s Olympics?!


How do you progress in the game?

There are two soft currencies in the game – gold bars and dollars, as well as a store for in-app purchases. You earn dollars, gold bars and rewards in you bag by winning matches – and they give you access to swag, new balls, and other court locations. You can also earn more dollars through rewarded videos, plus, there is a daily spin and daily reward (including exclusive content) for every day you sign in to play. The entry fees to play in these courts differ, but so does the reward. The higher the entry fee, the higher the reward – so play big and win big! 


Download it here:




Game: Muscle Rush


Publisher: SayGames




Weightlifting was first introduced at the inaugural modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. As of today, the record for male weightlifters able to snatch is 216kg (nearly 500 lb)! In Muscle Rush, you get to put your character’s strength to the test in a variety of running adventures, smashing through barriers and facing challenging arm-wrestling battles. Collect protein and get ready to become ripped as you turn into a muscle extraordinaire in Muscle Rush!


How do you progress in the game?


After you smash each level, you earn a reward. Completing missions such as: collecting a certain amount of protein, completing a number of levels, or breaking down walls, will earn you more ‘money’ to your bank. This ‘money’ can be used to upgrade your strength or speed.  Plus, you can upgrade your look with epic new skins through rewarded videos. The game is free to download, and the banner ads displayed really cool games, making the overall game experience enjoyable.


Download it here:




Game: Draw Joust!


Publisher: Voodoo




Transport yourself back to the medieval version of the ‘Olympics’ where thousands squeezed into an amphitheater or in an open field to watch the impressive duels that would leave their jaws on the ground. Draw Joust! allows you to draw your own cart and enter the battlefield to defeat your opponents. Use your creativity and logic to create your own cart, win bragging rights and joust your way to victory!


How do you progress in the game?

After each level is completed you earn coins and use them to level up your speed, produce more ink to build more elaborate carts, purchase a new weapon, armor, or improve your health. If you don’t have enough coins, you can watch a rewarded video to stock up. 


Download it here:





Game: Riding Extreme 3D


Publisher: DUCKY



Did you know that prior to this year’s Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics all cycling events were speed races, but the 2020 program will feature BMX freestyle for the first time! So join the new wave of athletes competing in the thrilling and high-speed two-wheeler sport. Have you got what it takes to ride through the different terrains, freeride through the beautiful views and stunt your way to the finish line first? Then this one is for you!


How do you progress in the game?

Make sure you have a sharp eye and steady steering and watch out for the obstacles! After completing each level, you earn tokens that can be used to purchase speed, steering accuracy, or a finishing bonus. Different helmets and gloves are also up for grabs and can be unlocked by viewing a rewarded video. Rewarded videos also come in handy when you need to revive and resume racing after crashing into an obstacle. In between levels, interstitials and playables will introduce you to more fun games to play!


Download it here:


Tokyo Olympics 2020



To keep up with the latest news and action at the Olympics, you can download the official iOS and Android app here. 




Play alongside the athletes, play with your friends, or simply play solo and compete for the podium’s top spots in these sports games.


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