Take Offer Wall Monetization to the Next Level with Custom Integrations

Offer Wall API for Native Ad Integrations in Apps

With over 2 million apps in the Apple App Store alone, competition is fierce among mobile app developers to attract and retain users. In order to monetize their apps, mobile developers must choose the right ads and integrate them in a way that sustains a positive user experience. Historically, the Offer Wall has been popular with mobile developers, as the ad format presents a selection of relevant ad offers from advertisers and then rewards user actions with virtual currency. For custom integrations, Fyber provides an Offer Wall API, which allows developers to take raw offer data and display it in virtually any way they want within an app.

Fyber makes it easy to implement the Offer Wall API, guiding you every step of the way. Here’s a high-level overview and some key insights.

Native offer integrations

One major benefit of the Offer Wall API is the ability to let you customize the appearance of the offers and place them natively within your app. We’ve helped many top app developers integrate high paying offers natively into menu screens, level maps, in-app stores, and more. To drive monetization, implement the ad in a location in your app that is very visible for users.

The popular strategy game, “Throne Rush” by Nexters, is an example of how to successfully use the Offer Wall API:

1. As displayed in the screenshot, “Throne Rush” prompts users to click on a Gem in the middle of the map.

Mobile Offer Wall integration with Throne Rush

2. After clicking on the Gem, “Throne Rush” displays an incentivized Offer Wall ad with a reward and the user earns currency. The result is a more engaging, user-friendly ad experience as the displayed offer blends well with the overall flow and design of “Throne Rush”.

Offer Wall Offer in Throne Rush

Philip Bykovskiy, Project Manager at Nexters stated “Offers displayed natively really increase the engagement rate of the Offer Wall. Also, they increase the average payout from Offer Wall completions.”

Rewarded display ad integrationsOffer Wall API as Rewarded Interstitial

Developers can use the Offer Wall API to increase engagement with various display ad formats.  Any app that uses virtual currency can display a rewarded offer as an interstitial or banner ad, and encourage users to interact with the ad. Apps without virtual currency can display an interstitial ad that requires users to complete an offer before they can unlock premium content.

Highlight campaigns with big budgets

Fyber’s Offer Wall API also allows publishers to choose which offers to display. This is especially useful if you know that a certain advertiser is running a high-volume burst campaign with a big budget. Developers can tap into this budget by pushing the campaign to as many users as possible with banner, interstitial, or native ads that leverage the Offer Wall API.

Christophe Bach, CEO of TextMe stated, ”We have seen massive success from this strategy. Users love seeing the special reward offers, and we get amazing boosts in revenue by working closely with the Fyber team to push burst campaigns to our user-base.”

Get Started!

The sky’s the limit with the Offer Wall API, and Fyber’s team of industry experts have helped hundreds of top apps use it to increase ad revenue! To learn more, send an email to [email protected], or contact your Account Manager.

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