Take Your ROI Positive User-Acquisition Campaigns Global with Country Specific CPI Bids

Because of the international reach of app stores, developers can now bring their products infront of customers all over the world. Unfortunately, many user acquisition strategies haven’t been optimized to fit each unique market. Different countries monetize differently. Numerous factors lead to varying ARPU, including: country fillrates, ad-eCPM, payment infrastructure, disposable income, etc.

Advertisers trying to run ROI-positive user-acquisition campaigns are often limited to buying traffic from a few well-monetizing countries as many platforms allow only a single CPI bid. Advertisers usually bid high to get as much traffic as possible from the geographies that monetize well. However, they can’t acquire users from other locations at the same time because the high bid would not be justified by the ARPU’s they see from these countries. By not targeting these other regions, advertisers lose out on a lot of potential revenue.

SponsorPay has addressed this problem by working with developers to optimize their campaigns using unique bids for each geography. “We are happy to annouce the ability to adjust bids by country and geography is now available to all advertisers on our platform,” says Product Manager Felix Speiser. “Advertisers can simply add a second or third campaign to their existing apps and target them at additional countries with a different bid.”

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