Tech Meets… Espresso? Fyber Learns How It’s Done from Berlin School of Coffee


It’s easy to picture techies drinking espresso, but can you imagine a group of programmers, product managers, marketers, and salespeople making espresso?

Fyber’s team rose to the challenge yesterday, when a barista from Berlin School of Coffee visited our new Berlin office to bestow her coffee-making wisdom. With the fancy espresso machine in our office’s big kitchen, we jumped on the opportunity to learn how professionals serve up flat whites, cappuccinos, espresso macchiatos, and other caffeinated delights.



Besides teaching us about the origin of the Americano (apparently, American soldiers couldn’t handle straight espresso when stationed in Italy, so Italian baristas started adding extra water for them), our trainer gave us some key tips:

  • The single espresso handle has one spout, and the double espresso handle has two. Simple enough, but without paying attention, you could have a double stream of espresso and only one cup.
  • Always “flush” out the espresso machine before making the coffee. There’s a button by each handle that cleanses the pipe for a fresh start.
  • Don’t touch the steamer! It is blistering hot. Grab onto the black rubber holder to move it, or use a cloth. Also, let it spit out a bit of steam before putting it in your milk, and be sure it’s pointing away from you.
  • Tap the milk pitcher when there are too many bubbles after steaming, and swirl around the milk until the foam starts to shine.
  • If you go to Italy, never ask for a Latte Macchiato in the afternoon.

The bottom line? Now, our team doesn’t just provide outstanding service; we also provide outstanding coffee. If you’re looking for expert advice on ad monetization on top of a caffeine fix, get in touch! Our lounge at Johannisstrasse 20 is the place to be.


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