The Fyber Platform Evolution Continues: Banner Mediation & New Partners

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Mediation is a must-have for mobile developers to deliver the highest revenues, in the most convenient way. Developers expect mediation platforms to give them access to global ad networks, the right ad formats, and comprehensive tools to monetize every user.

The universal ad format – Banner Mediation

bannermediationblogimageAfter acquiring Heyzap, we’ve been working together fast to create an advanced, unified platform. As a result, we’re happy to announce Banner Mediation, which can be integrated into any app to monetize all of your users, making it the most universal ad format we offer.

This lightweight format can help to scale your global reach to any device and is able to function in low bandwidth areas. It’s now available together with Rewarded Video, Interstitials, and Offer Wall ad formats providing a single, convenient, one-stop-shop for monetization.

Maximizing revenues with leading ad exchanges

Banner Mediation has access to the industry’s leading exchanges: Facebook, Admob, and our new sister company, Inneractive. Mediation allows these leading ad exchanges to directly compete for views, ensuring that you maximize eCPMs and fill rates.

Integrate seamlessly with UX experts

Need help? Our monetization experts can advise how to integrate banners in the most user-friendly way for any type of app–from gaming to messaging, news, and more. We’ll help you integrate in a way that supports your UX to deliver maximum return and reduce any accidental clicks.

New Mediation Partners for Rewarded Video and Interstitials

We are also excited to announce that we now offer campaigns from our new mediation partners, NativeX and LoopMe, for our Rewarded Video and Interstitial ad formats. These strong networks will bring even more brand, video, and performance campaigns to maximize publisher revenues. It’s exciting to partner with popular ad networks like NativeX and LoopMe who deliver the utility, quality, and reliability that developers deserve. With a total of 15 key global ad networks on board, we’re one the largest mediators you can work with.

NativeX is thrilled to now offer mobile app developers the powerhouse combination of Fyber’s world class mediation and NativeX’s leading ad technology with Rewarded Video and Interstitials for Android, iOS, and Unity,” says Rob Weber, CEO and co-founder of NativeX. Through Fyber, NativeX provides simple mediation integration, exceptional eCPM Optimization, access to global ad campaigns thanks to our recent merger with Mobvista, and gorgeous native custom design that breaks through ad blindness to deliver more engaged moments.”

What’s next?

This is just the beginning as we continue our evolution! Stay tuned as we deliver more combined features into our platform from the family of Fyber, Heyzap, and Inneractive, with more collective capabilities.

Get Started!

To start using Banner Mediation or to work with one of our new demand partners, please reach out to your Account Manager or email [email protected].

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