The Publisher’s “Back to School” Checklist

A new school year is upon us and it’s not just the kids who are excited to be back in “learning mode”, a lot of our publishers are on a constant (machine) learning path, gathering information about what works best for their business. 


So, how can publishers best prepare for a new season? Here are our recommended tips to ensure a fruitful school year:


✔ New year, new grade, it’s time to update your SDK

Regularly updating your Fyber Marketplace SDK will unlock new features that will uplift your monetization strategies. For example, our latest Marketplace SDK version (Android version 7.8.4 / iOS 7.8.8) includes these new features:

  • Full-screen support of a unique integration with Google’s DV360 – allowing Google to render the ad when winning the auction (now available on interstitials and Rewarded Video)
  • Improvement of loading times for Playable ads


✔ Have you updated your Plist?

Make sure to update the IDs today to maximize revenue on all inventory. Implement all network_ids from Fyber’s recommended list, available in JSON and XML format. Fyber released a SKAdNetwork Plist Generator (available in our development portal) to easily and effortlessly add the SKAdNetwork IDs to your info.plist files. This tool is available for any app developer – whether you’re a client of Fyber or not.


✔ Sharpen your pencils – Invest in tailoring your ad creatives

Not all ad formats are created the same, and the way users interact with banners, interstitials, and rewarded videos vary – a lot. Use our guide to determine which ad formats work best for your game and consider the following creative considerations: 


  • Create a longer, captivating story for your Rewarded Video with “a reason to click”


  • Consider incorporating end cards (encouraging the install) or playables (encouraging engagement) at the end of your Rewarded Video


  • Ensure a quick and clear call to action in your interstitials ads


  • Consider including a seasonal creative for holidays or other important moments


✔ Don’t miss the test – Use our testing capabilities to maximize performance

This is a test you don’t want to miss – use our Test Devices and Ads feature to ensure ads render correctly on different devices and different ad formats. Using this feature allows you to check that your app is set-up properly and ready to run as expected. 


Homework is all-work” 

In today’s reality of working from home, all our work is “homework” But during these crazy times there’s a lot to catch up on when it comes to industry trends and new reports that can influence our business decisions – check out these recent reports we found helpful and relevant:


✔ Guidance Counselor – Our door is always open

Following the checklist will drive better results for you: The SDK update includes solutions that will facilitate the integration with Google’s DV360, improve loading times for Playable ads to help expedite your monetization goals. Make sure your ad creatives are tailored for your game and audience for optimal results. Most importantly, testing is crucial to ensure ads render correctly on different devices and different ad formats.

Reach out to us – we’re here to help!

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