The Story So Far …

SponsorPay is starting its own company blog! Here you will find the latest news from our company as well as interesting bits and pieces from the world of virtual goods and services. We eagerly look forward to sharing our stories, thoughts and ideas!

To start things off, a quick recap of the story so far …

In spring 2009, Andreas Bodczek, Jan Beckers, Janis Zech and Team Europe Ventures wanted to give European developers of online services the opportunity to generate income from users disinclined to pay for premium content and services. Thus, SponsorPay was born. The aim was to bring together advertisers of renowned brands and price-sensitive online consumers. Based in the heart of Europe, it soon became clear that this project had to be both multinational and multilingual to achieve the best results.

The company found a nice office in Berlin and began to work on the idea. The team expanded rapidly – software developers, account managers and, last but not least, a customer support group capable of providing native language support for different countries. In August 2009, SponsorPay went live and very soon had its first important client – MMO giant Gameforge. Over the next few months, the company convinced more renowned publishers and continued to grow.

Since inception, SponsorPay has had a commitment to offering the best service and working with the best partners. In October 2009, the company laid down specific quality standards for each offer provider to comply with – The SponsorPay Guarantee. This badge of quality assures transparent offers with no spam or hidden costs.

In November 2009, SponsorPay ranked second among Germany’s startups of the year, as voted by IT experts. Come January 2010, the company moved to a bigger office to accommodate the now 30-strong team. Since then, SponsorPay has been residing at the ‘Ackerhoefe’, a former industrial site near Rosenthaler Platz – the centre of the exciting Berlin startup scene. February saw an even bigger change – SponsorPay acquired its German competitor GratisPay to become the market leader in Europe, working with the who’s who of the European publisher scene including Gameforge, Bigpoint,, Frogster and Netlog, among others. Since then, SponsorPay has extended its reach internationally by developing new partnerships with publishers outside Europe, like 6waves and Perfect World, and also establishing satellite offices in San Francisco, London and Paris.

With its recent $5 million Series A financing round, the company now has a solid platform to scale new heights. We at SponsorPay are proud to help shape the direction in which this exciting story unfolds.

Finally, a word of thanks to our amazing partners and customers for their continued support. We would not be here today without them.

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