7 tips for app publishers to maximize revenue this holiday season

The year 2020 – the most demanding and disruptive period in recent history. The coronavirus pandemic showed no mercy in shutting down the world. The outcome? A drastic change in the way we interact with each other, with commerce, and with mobile apps. Mobile apps grew 40% year over year in Q2 2020, reaching a monthly all-time high of over 200 billion hours during the month of April 2020.
Take a second to process those numbers. Now, think about the fact that during the holiday season, consumer spend and brand spend soar even higher – equaling higher eCPMs. Games in particular accounted for the majority of consumer spend across both stores at 85% on Google Play and 65% on iOS. With programmatic’s advanced targeting capabilities, automation, time efficiency, and these quick holiday season tips – it could be a very jolly season for you! 


Seven tips for publishers to end 2020 off on a high note

Increase the amount of data attributes

This holiday season is likely the last opportunity to fully squeeze the IDFA lemon, before the iOS 14 and targeting changes.


  • More data = more money. The more data parameters you share in the ad requests, the higher the likelihood that a demand partner will find that opportunity attractive and pay a competitive price for it. Reach out to your demand partners to ensure your integration supports all relevant data parameters.


  • On the UA side, partner with a DSP who is also leveraging contextual targeting parameters. This can help in reaching Limited Ad Tracking (LAT) traffic too, and maximize growth.


Optimize your pricing strategy for various scenarios

Advertisers will bring in major demand. Capitalizing on this factor can enable you to reach higher revenues.


  • Increasing your price floor will raise the minimum acceptable bid for a specific ad. Many publishers find themselves ‘setting and forgetting’ their price floors, which leaves money on the table.


  • Test your price floors incrementally and keep them dynamic according to incoming bids. If you’re working with a programmatic partner, you can set a high tiered floor.


  • Split up traffic by region or country, and assign different price floors in correlation with CPMs to catch more fill.


Incorporate a Private Marketplace and direct deals

The industry is going through changes and with the upcoming IDFA deprecation, ad revenue is likely to be affected in 2021. Turning to private marketplaces and the exclusivity that once came with direct deals is resurging.


  • Secure direct relationships and spend commitments to optimize your monetization strategies, and reach higher eCPMs for inventory.


  • As a one-stop-shop growth engine, Fyber enables these direct demand-supply relationships with selected partners, creating a mutually beneficial environment for all players in the field. For more information about our private marketplaces, reach out to your Fyber account manager.


Update to the latest monetization SDK

Stay ahead of the curve with the multiple benefits an updated SDK brings.


  • Make sure your monetization SDKs are up to date. For example, our latest SDK release includes support for new demand sources, and enhancement to how ads are rendered. The better the ad experience is, the more likely your users are to engage and convert.


  • Fyber’s SDK is GDPR and CCPA compliant so demand sources won’t block traffic while still ensuring that your IAA perform at the top level in terms of reliability, efficiency, and revenue. If you haven’t yet, update your iOS and Android SDK here.


Experiment with Offer Wall on your app

Offer Wall is an incentivized ad format predominantly used within games (particularly mid-core and casual). It acts like a menu listing multiple “offers” that users can complete (such as a survey or a certain game level) in exchange for an in-app reward. Users access and engage with the Offer Wall in the app store of your game. It’s an attractive feature to have for increasing eCPMs, retention, and ad engagement rates – an all-around benefit to your app’s monetization growth and strategy.


  • Integrate Offer Wall into your game and start running Virtual Currency Sales (AKA “VCS”). These limited-time events can boost performance for publishers, and advertisers alike. You can also add a multiplier to the standard virtual currency exchange rate of participating apps (typically between 2X and 4X). The higher the in-app rewards, the more offers completed, the overall rise in your revenue. This also gives you the opportunity to engage non-paying users.


  • Blend a holiday theme with these limited-time offers to add urgency, drive higher demand, and strong performance in ARPDAU, unique users, engagement rate, and number of conversions. FYI, in the weekend leading up to the holiday, Fyber sends out a list of participating apps to our advertisers, if you would like to be featured in this list, reach out to your Fyber account manager.


Revisit App Store Optimization

The ad-tech’s version of ‘how many ornaments to put on a Christmas tree?’, is now ‘how many in-app ads and festivities are too much for your app?’.


  • Tap into that spirit and add subtle holiday-themed symbols (of course, if this makes sense for your app and brand).


  • Revamping your app icon can potentially lead to being featured in the app store’s ‘Holiday Picks’ further increasing awareness and installs.


  • Add holiday-oriented keywords, extra rewards, exclusive specials on IAPs, and include special levels. New content also creates new opportunities to intelligently integrate ads and increase user engagement.


  • Test and be mindful of how many ad placements you integrate to maintain a balance between enhancing the gameplay experience and creating ad fatigue.


Minimize the January revenue slump

As the new year arrives, brand advertisers pull back on spend, revenue dips, and the ‘Publisher Blues’ set in. How can you minimize this revenue slump?


  • Decrease your price floors around December 26th in order to capture the increase in UA campaign spend. For example, many people buy or gift new phones making this an opportune time to capture that spend when users download new apps.


  • With programmatic platforms or mediation solutions, publishers can automatically diversify demand sources across brand and performance. At the end of the year, demand partners spend more aggressively, and these platforms will automatically allocate the traffic to those demand sources who perform better – preparing you with maximized revenue going into the new year.


Now you’re ready! With the increased demand and traffic ‘tis the season of increased installs and revenues, as well as a happy user base!


🎊🎁  Happy holidays, from Fyber!  🎁🎊

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