Tune in to MDM Academy Webinar ‘Ad Monetization in Mobile Games 101’

Giving our customers and readers the expert ad monetization advice they’ve come to know and expect has always been the Fyber Blog’s true north. Today, we’re giving you something a little different. Industry leader and friend of Fyber, Bozo Jankovic, will be hosting a 90-minute webinar on May 6 titled “Ad Monetization in Mobile Games 101” as part of Eric Seufeurt‘s education platform MDM Academy. In the workshop, Bozo will cover the fundamentals of ad monetization and how this business model fits into a mobile gaming business’s overall monetization strategy.


A little more about Bozo: He’s a business development manager at GameBiz, a boutique consultancy firm for the video games industry, where he helps mobile gaming studios such as Creative Mobile, Nanobit, and Two Desperados grow their businesses through ad monetization. Prior to GameBiz, Bozo worked at Nordeus, makers of hit football management sim Top Eleven, where he managed licensing and the ad monetization business worth several millions of dollars a year.

What you can expect to learn about ad monetization from Bozo in the workshop

  • Understanding ad monetization as a sustainable business model
  • Understanding where does the money come from and how does the entire value chain look like
  • What are the ad formats developers have at their disposal, pros and cons of each format, and what ad formats developers use and in which types of games
  • What are the KPIs developer should track to make sure their ad monetization system is set for success and benchmarks
  • Best practices of in-game implementation for rewarded video, interstitial, and offer wall
  • How does ad serving work and how to make significantly more money with a small effort (including multiple-instance waterfalls)
  • What are other best practices that developers can follow to ensure their ad integration is successful
  • Q&A


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Here’s what an attendee of Bozo’s previous workshop had to say

It was a very nice webinar. I especially like part of different placements /buttons in the games we could use. I would be for sure interested in the next webinars, more about optimization tips, data reading etc.

The finer details

  • Who: Bozo Jankovic, Business Development Manager at GameBiz
  • When: Wednesday, May 6, 9:00-10:30 a.m. PT
  • Where: Webinar via Zoom
  • Price: $300

Special discount for customers and Fyber Blog readers

10% off promotional code for our customers and Fyber Blog readers: MDMA_10pct_52NAJF



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