Understanding the Life of the Mobile Gamer

Gone are the days that a mobile gamer is defined as a “teenage boy playing until the wee hours of the morning”. Mobile gaming has now become one of the most popular forms of entertainment, especially with its ubiquity. And beyond that, mobile games have turned everyone into a gamer – because there is a game that caters to anyone – all ages, all personalities. So who is this new era of gamers and what are they interested in?


AdColony and GWI explore The Life of the Mobile Gamer and pull together interesting insights on all aspects of a gamer’s life. Based on U.S gamers, in this report, we learn the types of games consumers prefer, why they play mobile games, their habits and preferences, and what else they are doing while playing. 


Here are some of the highlights that stood out to us:


Most popular games

The most popular games on smartphones include Puzzle, Word games, and Strategy games, further indicating that casual and hyper-casual games are still widely popular to mobile gamers.


Why do consumers play?

Consumers play games for a variety of reasons. To better understand those reasons, the report found that 64% of gamers play to pass the time, 63% for fun and 59% to unwind and relax.


Advertisers shift their ad spend

Advertisers have shifted their ad spend to mobile to vie for the attention of gamers. According to survey results, 34% of users clicked on an ad in a mobile game, 24% visited the brand’s website, while 15% downloaded the brand’s app. The results compared to ads on mobile, in general, are lower, but close enough to compete for the attention of the consumers.


Brands can grab users’ attention on mobile

Brand advertisers can reach consumers on their mobile games, as this is a space where users are actively interacting with content instead of passively consuming other forms of communication. Because users can get fully immersed in a game, brands already have their attention in a positive environment.


The study proves over and again how diverse the mobile gamer has become. Gaming is an activity that goes beyond the stereotypes of age, gender, education, and income levels – making almost everyone a gamer in some aspects. Both game developers and advertisers should rethink their strategies and improve their targeting and creative strategies based on this data. There’s a huge opportunity to reach this very diverse audience of gamers that are far from the outdated “teenage boy playing until the wee hours of the morning”.


To dive deeper into how the life of a mobile gamer has evolved, understand more about their purchasing habits, health habits, purchase drivers, entertainment beyond mobile games, and more:


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