Upgrades to Fyber’s Offer Wall Edge Placements feature make customization and growth even easier

Offer walls have stood the test of time as an ad format that provides incremental revenue and bolsters your in-app economy. In addition to enabling non-payers to progress faster, offer walls also play an important role as an added value for paying players by complimenting purchases. The offer wall has broad appeal, but does every user cohort have the same needs from an offer wall?


Fyber has revamped our Offer Wall Edge Placements feature to help you bring the best Offer Wall Edge experience to your players through a combination of Placements and Content Filters features. Our streamlined setup makes it easier than ever to get started with multiple Offer Wall Edge placements within your app and edit each placement on the fly.


Additional Offer Wall Edge Placements create multiple opportunities for players to engage with different versions of the Offer Wall within the same app. This helps publishers increase overall user engagement with Offer Wall Edge, driving better yield. By customizing different Offer Wall Edge placements, publishers increase the Offer Wall’s relevance to different user-sets, improving user experience and opt-in ad format engagement. Placements are a great opportunity to have Offer Wall Edge revenues further complement your existing revenue streams and core game loops.


Common use cases for multiple Offer Wall Edge Placements include customization of:
  • Call-to-Action and locations within the app to evaluate situational performance
  • Currency type (e.g. soft vs hard currency) to allow players to earn more of what they need
  • Currency exchange rates to maintain the relevance and attractiveness of the Offer Wall for offer walls to diverse user sets (e.g. across geos or in different level of progress in the game)
  • Offer tasks available for completion to discover optimal task mixes (e.g. dedicated survey walls)


Creating multiple Offer Wall Edge Placements is a simple and straight-forward process. Once you’ve created your first offer wall placement, simply click “Add Placement” to create another offer wall to be featured within the same application. Customizable settings per offer wall placement include the virtual currency icon, offer wall top banner, exchange rate, currency name, and virtual currency sale scheduling and activation. This means you can change the look and feel of each offer wall placement within the same app to best suit your needs. You can customize up to ten Offer Wall Edge Placements per app which leaves room for plenty of possibilities!


In addition to increased usability, we’ve also included all the metrics and dimensions you know and love in our Edge Reports dashboard split by Placements so you can directly compare the performance between Placements within the same app. Edge Reports can most notably break out metrics per engaged user. This means you can see unique impressions, engagement rate, and ARPDEU per Placement to optimize your game and grow LTVs.


We look forward to hearing more about how you’ve chosen to use the Offer Wall Edge Placements feature for growth!

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