How video advertisers can use End Cards to improve performance

By Jim Tarr, Director of Marketing
Thursday, October 6, 2016 / 1 min read


Mobile video is a great way for advertisers to engage with target audiences in key moments. For video ads using the Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) standard, an effective way to reinforce messaging and drive user interaction is using End Cards.

Background on VAST

VAST is a widely used IAB guideline that enables ad servers to use a single ad response across multiple publishers and different video players. VAST instructs video players on what type of ad to play for various scenarios, how the ad should be displayed, duration of the ad, if the ad can be skipped, where to find the ad in the ad server, and what the click-through URL should be. VAST also allows companion ads to show within the canvass of the video, while End Cards are a version of companion ads that help improve performance for advertisers.

How do End Cards work?

When a user has completed watching a video, End Cards allows the user to interact with the ad and easily connect with the advertiser. Examples could include a travel advertiser who provides a gallery of travel deals to click on, a retail advertiser who offers coupons to download, or a gaming advertiser who provides a link to an app store for downloading the game. The result for advertisers is higher engagement rates that maximize the full potential of ads.



Implementing End Cards is Easy

Here are steps for Fyber advertising customers that want to implement campaigns with End Cards:

  • Setup your campaign ads on a VAST compatible ad platform
  • Use different sized ad images for the different device types and resolutions, including 1280×800 for tablets, 960×640 for phones, and 300×250 as a general fallback
  • After the user completes the video, Fyber’s SDK will identify the best image for the size and the aspect ratio, then it will show the ad to the user
  • When the user interacts with the End Card, tracking URLs for the click are pinged by the Fyber SDK to track the user’s actions for reporting purposes

Get started!

To learn more about how End Cards can help increase ROI for your advertising campaign, please reach out to your Account Manager or email [email protected]