Why Ad Suppression Is Critical to Advertising Campaign Performance

Ad suppression for mobile app game

If you advertise on mobile, you know how important it is to maximize ad spend. Today, we’re excited to introduce ad suppression, a new feature that will help ensure that your ads are shown only to relevant audiences.

What is Fyber’s solution for suppression?

Fyber maintains an open, agnostic platform meaning we allow fair competition to determine the prices for ad inventory and the yield to buyers. To uphold that fairness and help our advertisers get the volume they are looking for, we utilize various optimization algorithms. Suppression is one component of this optimization. When we know to whom Fyber should not serve an ad, then we can remove those users from your campaign.

For example, if your goal is driving app installs, then you want to maximize the number of people who could potentially download your app. If a user already has your app installed, then you probably don’t want to waste spend serving that user an ad.

With suppression, your ads are only shown to relevant audiences, improving conversion and volume.

Getting started

Please contact your Fyber account manager to learn how to take advantage of suppression. Next, it’s important to notify your third-party tracking provider to include the anonymized install information (regardless of source) in their postbacks so we can ensure that those users will not see your ad. Otherwise, there may still be an ad served to a user who installed your app from a different source than Fyber.

By implementing Fyber’s suppression feature and making sure your third-party tracking partner provides the necessary install information, you will achieve the following:

  • Get more installs and deliver a better return on advertising spend for campaigns
  • Ensure existing users don’t have to sift through ads for an app they’ve already installed

Have additional questions? Contact advertisers at fyber dot com and we will be happy to help.

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