Why Mobile Game Devs Should Be Thinking About Offer Walls in 2017

Mobile game devs thinking about offer walls 2017

How does making more money from your mobile game sound to you? Sounds good, right? Well, that’s exactly what more and more devs are doing, thanks to rewarded video ads. In fact, rewarded video was the talk of the town among the mobile gaming community at the most recent Casual Connect conference. But we get it—we’re a mobile game monetization platform. Naturally, we’re in the business of driving rewarded video adoption.

Don’t take it from us, though. We’ll let mobile game developers building businesses on the back of rewarded video ads do the talking, such as Farm Away! creator Futureplay, Crossy Road maker Hipster Whale, Color Switch developer Fortafy Games, and many more.

While nearly all of the attention has been on rewarded video, let’s not forget about the original, the blueprint, the progenitor, of opt-in rewarded advertising on mobile—the offer wall (yes, we make a pretty kick-ass offer wall product too).

Similar to rewarded video, an offer wall allows you to reward users with in-game currency for watching an ad. Rather than rewarding users for simply completing a video ad view, you reward them for completing specific actions—watching a video ad, filling out a survey, signing up for a free trial, and more. In essence, an offer wall is the perfect complement to any mobile game that monetizes with rewarded video. Here are three reasons why you should be thinking about adding offer wall to your ad monetization strategy in 2017.

Batman and Robin TV show dynamic duo

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1. The dynamic duo: Rewarded video and offer wall

Batman and Robin. Bonnie and Clyde. Han Solo and Chewbacca. Some things are just better together, forming the perfect pair. Like all of these dynamic duos, offer wall and rewarded video can exist independently of each other, but together they make a powerful one-two combo.

Besides the similar opt-in nature, both of these ad formats perfectly suit mobile games that feature a dual currency system. In the current free-to-play market environment, a multiple currency model is the soup de jour for mobile game developers. Using both formats allows you to use rewarded video for rewarding players with soft currency and consumables such as bonuses and time-based items, while leveraging offer wall for rewarding hard currency.

Isolating soft currency rewards to rewarded video and hard currency to offer wall protects a mobile game’s economy from inflationary pressures. If rewarded video doles out hard currency, there’s a high likelihood that you would cause currency devaluation, creating inflationary pressure on your in-game economy. In layman’s terms, it means that you shouldn’t disproportionately distribute too much soft currency, which causes a decrease in the currency’s value.

Big Huge Games Nexon M DomiNations mobile game screenshot

Image via Nexon M

2. Offer wall: The secret weapon for midcore and hardcore monetization

Keeping players coming back is no easy feat, especially for midcore and hardcore mobile games that have players who burn through content faster than an egg frying on the sidewalk during the dog days of summer. Big Huge Games CEO and co-founder Tim Train saw firsthand how fast players progress through content in its popular harcore strategy title DomiNations. “We underestimated the speed at which players would go through new content, and thought that more of our revenue mix would come from systemic spend,” said Train, in an interview with Develop.

Engaged users such as these always want more. More content and more currency to chew through content faster. When there’s no more content, or not enough premium resources to continue playing late-game content, they may churn and never come back. For these users, you can introduce an offer wall ad placement deep in your late-game content that will provide an opportunity for them to complete an offer in return for premium resources necessary to keep playing.

Social Point Dragon City mobile game rewarded video offer wall

Image via Social Point

3. Offer more (for a limited time)

If, for a limited time, you give your players more of the same currency for interacting with a rewarded ad format, you’d assume they would dramatically engage more with ads. You’d assume correctly. In economics, it’s called the “more is better” assumption. Basically if you have two of the same good, but one good has more than the other, the consumer would choose the good that comes with more.

We see the same phenomenon when mobile game developers run currency sales, giving out extra currency in exchange for watching a rewarded video or completing an offer in an offer wall ad. On average, app developers experience a 25-50% increase in ad engagement during currency sales. These currency sales immensely benefit offer wall conversions, in particular. A higher yielding ad format such as the offer wall means that you will generate even greater eCPMs while running currency sales. To use our network as an example, developers see a 50-100% boost in eCPMs, on average, during a currency sale period.

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