With SponsorPay’s Offer Suppression, Advertisers No Longer Pay Twice For the Same User

Whether it be a fancy dinner at a restaurant or a user acquired through a CPI campaign, no one likes paying twice for the same product or service. However, it is sometimes inevitable — as advertisers often run their campaigns on multiple networks — that a user sees, and potentially also completes the same offer twice. This means the advertiser pays twice for the same user.

To counteract this situation, SponsorPay has recently launched a new feature called Offer Suppression. The goal of this feature is to identify whether a user has already installed a specific app and if so, hide any CPI offers that are related to the app. This way, the user only sees offers that are relevant for him/her that he or she can complete for a reward. For advertisers, this feature reduces duplicate downloads, thus enabling more efficient user acquisition since the budget is not spent on the same users.

The core of the feature is the mechanism used to identify the users that already have the app installed. This identification is achieved through “install callbacks” our platform receives from the application that allow us to associate the device to the app. To ensure the mechanism works properly, advertisers should integrate the SDK or Server-2-Server tracking in a way that it sends the callback on every app start rather than only once after the app is installed. This will allow SponsorPay to identify both new and existing users of the app and effectively suppress the corresponding offers.

After the advertiser is properly integrated, our platform takes care of the rest. When a user comes to our offer wall or other product, we identify him/her based on his device identifiers — checking what apps he has already installed — and then show him/her the best set of offers, discarding any potential duplicate offers. Since the filtering happens before the offers are displayed, the whole experience is absolutely seamless for both the advertisers and the user, and does not cause any disruption, error messages, or unavailable offers.

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