4 Mobile Gaming Trends for 2016


Fyber’s VP Global Developer Relations, David Diaz, shares his mobile gaming predictions for 2016.

#1: Spend will increase on production
The studio concept is not new but we’ll see it continue, and the gaming industry will look more and more like the movie industry. The next big title that comes out in 2016 could likely have production costs upwards of $30MM, just like a movie would. In order to crack the top 10 grossing charts, and stay there consistently, higher levels of investment will be needed by studios.

#2: Continued Consolidation
I believe the industry will see continued consolidation. In prior years, acquisitions have usually been of smaller companies, but we’ll see more major acquisitions such as the King Digital by Activision deal given the prominence of mobile. The companies that will be attractive for acquisitions are the ones with strong content creation abilities and tools for in-app monetization.

#3: Holistic and integrated view of channels will drive better insights into app discovery
Developers will seek more granular control over app discovery, ad serving decisions, and optimization by utilizing more sophisticated performance marketing and analytics tools and by taking a more holistic view of how different channels work together across every device, including TV and outdoor advertising.

#4: VR will continue to grow and create new opportunities
There is huge potential on this front for developers, and in 2016, we’ll see more games extend into VR. Console developers will be best positioned to leverage this technology. The use of VR could also mean new monetization opportunities for developers, though I don’t expect that potential to be too high until at least 2017. Given the immersive and powerful nature of this technology, we should expect to see new ad formats available for developers across virtual and augmented reality.

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