Advertisers, here are best practices to prepare for the holiday season

The holiday season is looming. It’s a bustling time for advertisers and a promising one for mobile app publishers. Holiday brand demand is already surging across the industry – and the busiest weeks still lie ahead. 


With billions on their smartphones, usage, and session length metrics up, it’s more important than ever for brands to be at the top of their game, and equipped with the right products and solutions to propel their success on mobile.


Fyber is the premier mobile app SSP partner to help you accomplish all your campaign goals for the holiday season. Our direct access to the top 5000 apps available across the Apple and Google app stores makes for the perfect channel to reach your audience across mobile devices. 


Ensure you have happy holidays with Fyber Marketplace by following our holiday tips


Not all months are equal – Monitor your pricing


When it comes to budgeting for ad spend, not all months are equal. At the beginning of the quarter, there is usually a sharp ramp-up period, which makes it a prime opportunity to seize. Mobile apps are an efficient channel to activate top-of-the-funnel and down-the-funnel KPI strategies. 


Always be on the ball and monitor pricing


eCPM bid ranges should be optimized towards the creative type. You can benchmark against global mobile app rates. 


To further maximize on inventory pockets that are performing well, Fyber can help cultivate custom deals to support optimized pricing and access incremental inventory. More on that below. 


Revenue in motion – make video ads work for your campaigns

Video ads are rapidly growing in popularity and are known to be a great way to monetize an app and introduce users to premium game content. Did you know 40% of Fyber’s mobile apps support full-screen video? Their success and completion rates are exactly why brands love them:

There’s more to video than just a creative 


  • Device type and orientation matters 
    • The orientation of an ad that does not seamlessly fit to the device can end up hampering the users’ app experience. To avoid losing the deeply engaged users during their session, we recommend you to optimize your ads to fit into the holistic mobile app experience.  For example, based on global monthly ad requests, we know that 80% of video is viewed in vertical orientation 320×480. 


Open Measurement SDK – ensure your ads were seen by consumers


  • We know how important it is for you to know that consumers are viewing the ads that you paid for. That’s why we now support Open Measurement SDK, guaranteeing that traffic is measured in line with the IAB and MRC standards of viewability. 
  • Ensure that your viewability-dependent campaigns are opted into the Open Measurement signals to scale mobile app campaigns targeting and measuring viewability requirements across Fyber’s holistic display & video inventory. 


Effectively scale, where it works for you


Mobile apps are the place to be. With 550M unique individuals engaging on their mobile devices monthly, it’s clear that apps are the top channels of media consumption – especially during this time of year. Recent data from App Annie shows time spent in shopping apps growing 49% YoY in Q1 2021 and an average consumer spend of $78, saw an uptick of 22% YoY.


Here are some best practices to consider to access scale:


  • Use open marketplace buying

Why should you buy on Fyber Marketplace? You have direct integration into each and every app using our SDK. With that, our direct DSP integrations with The Trade Desk and DV360 assure that inventory quality and data integrity are met on our platforms. Working with Fyber you’ll have access to all the apps that you know and love through efficient pricing.


  • Direct publisher relationships and deal activation

Fyber enables direct demand-supply relationships with selected partners to create a mutually beneficial environment for all players in the field. Want to hone in the performance  you’re seeing? We can help you with opening up additional inventory through our direct publisher relationships and deal activation. 


We’re here to work with and for you

Tell us about your campaigns, their differentiators, and where you want to leverage mobile app programmatic in a more effective way to grow your business

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