Announcing the in-app advertising survey of brands and media agencies

Why don’t brands and media agencies increase ad spend through in-app advertising and mobile games? That’s the million-dollar—or rather, billion-dollar—question everyone in the mobile app industry wants to know. Despite countless reports from top market research firms, all of which are forecasting ad spend (mostly from brands) on mobile to surpass other media channels such as TV, the collective mobile app industry, including mobile gaming, hasn’t felt the effects.




To truly find out why brand ad spend isn’t flowing into in-app as much as expected, we surveyed both brand advertisers and agency media planners from the U.S., U.K., Germany, and France, gathering over 500 responses, to get a pulse on what they think about advertising in-app and in mobile games.


Here’s what you’ll learn from this survey:


  • How much ad budget brand advertisers and agency media buyers allocate across media channels
  • How they feel about advertising in both in-app and in mobile games
  • What age and gender they consider most likely to engage with in-app ads
  • And much more


Fyber 2019 State of In-App Advertising and Monetization promo blog post v4

Written contributions by Alina Lacey-Varona.


Design by Kelly Howe / Kyuhee Jo.

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