Automatic Video Transcoding for Fyber’s Video SSP: One Easy Creative Upload for All Formats

automatic video transcoding for video programmaticWith the growing popularity of programmatic video advertising, managing video formats efficiently is essential to save time and deliver an optimal video for every ad request. That’s why Fyber’s Video SSP provides Automatic Video Transcoding, a convenient way for publishers or advertisers to upload a single video creative and automatically transcode the video file into various common formats required for a campaign. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors, delivering beautifully displayed video ads regardless of the viewer’s device or network bandwidth.

How does Automatic Video Transcoding work?

  1. Fyber publishers or advertisers upload just one video creative in the Fyber Ad Server dashboard (screenshot below)upload one programmatic video creative
  2. Fyber assesses the video creative and automatically creates a collection of video files with all the sizes, resolutions, and formats required for the campaign
  3. When a user requests a video ad, Fyber serves the best rendition of the ad for that environment, whether it’s a smaller and slower version to fit a low bandwidth mobile device, or a full-quality version for high-speed desktops
  4. Audiences will always see the optimal video for their device and scenario, which means better engagement for advertisers, and higher eCPMs for publishers

Get started!

To learn more about how Fyber can help you increase revenue and save time with Automatic Video Transcoding, please reach out to your Account Manager or email [email protected].

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