Bleacher Report Visits SponsorPay!

Dave Finocchio, the Founder and CPO of Bleacher Report, and Sam Parnell, CTO of Bleacher Report, visited SponsorPay to give an insight into their entrepreneurial journey in a successful startup. Tired of the bland content generated by other sports news sources, the founders of Bleacher Report created the website as a platform that incentivizes sports fans to create great sports content. Their vision is to bring a new sports experience to young people by providing content that is more visual, social and that goes deeper into sports news.

Dave and Sam shared some key success factors that helped make Bleacher Report what is today.
Bleacher Report puts its audience at the forefront of its operations. It has a 365 day calendar that  marks all the events that it needs to follow because they are the events that its audience is most interested in. It also knows the preferences and tendencies of its different audiences such as which fans are more likely to click on pessimistic content and which are more interested in optimistic content. Overall, Bleacher Report acts a portal that aims to lead fans to the content that is most relevant for them regardless if the content comes from Bleacher Report or other websites.

SponsorPay had a very interactive session with Dave and Sam who answered questions and provided deeper insights into their business and its product. Interested in how Bleacher Report got started? Hear it from Dave himself in the video below!

Big thanks to Dave and Sam for joining us!

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