Calculate the ads LTV of each user with Impression-Level Revenue Data

A programmatic impression is the most accurate impression. Why? Well just ask yourself which ads LTV calculation you would rely on most. One based on a real-time feed of the ad revenue generated by each impression, or an estimation (which amounts to a guess) based on aggregated data from reporting APIs?


User-level ad revenue data is hard to come by. Publishers are completely dependent on the data shared by their demand partners, which today is done at an aggregated level. The ad revenue is grouped by placement, by country or by ad network, but it is never broken down to the user level. This means that any user-level calculation done based on that data can never be truly accurate.


You may have already come across solutions that claim to offer accurate user-level ad revenue data. At first glance, those solutions seem compelling, but once you look under the hood you realize that they are based on the same aggregated data publishers see today. To put into simple math terms: dividing the total revenue generated on a specific ad placement by the number of users that engaged with that ad placement, will result in all users getting the same average value. This is far from an accurate representation of each user’s ad revenue and makes for a poor foundation for any ads LTV calculations.

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But now, for Fyber FairBid publishers, a revolution has begun. For the first time, the most granular transaction data―price per impression―is shared. This means that for every impression served, our Impression-Level Revenue Data solution will directly notify the app on:


  • The price paid
  • Whether the price was committed or estimated


Fyber FairBid is powered by a real-time unified auction. When the auction is won by one of our 180-plus programmatic partners or one of our bidding ad network partners – our Impression-Level Revenue Data solution will provide a committed value for that impression. When an ad network that does not support real-time bidding wins the auction, our Impression-Level Revenue Data solution will communicate an estimated value based on that ad network’s historical performance. Since this is done for each individual impression – the accuracy of our solution far exceeds any other solution currently available to publishers.


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The more you rely on programmatic (i.e., real-time) demand, the more accurate your data will be. More accurate data means a more accurate ads LTV calculation; The more accurate the ads LTV calculation is, the more accurate the insights you will have into the pricing and ROI of user acquisition activities. A programmatic impression is the most accurate impression.

The never-ending story: Data and what it tells about your users

No matter the demand source and no matter the ad format, for every transaction, publishers will receive the price and other impression data, enabling them to uncover further user-level insights and calculate revenue by:


  • Impression order
  • Time of day
  • App version
  • SDK version
  • Placement


In the future, we plan to further enrich the data available through this solution, providing even greater transparency into demand dynamics.

The future is programmatic

As app ad monetization becomes increasingly programmatic, Fyber FairBid’s unified auction capabilities are integral to a publishers ability to harness the power of precise ads LTV. With it, publishers will be able to:


  • Identify their ‘ad whales,’ and segment their users based on complete visibility to the ROI of each user
  • Tailor experiences based on each user’s value
  • Optimize pricing of user acquisition campaigns to ensure that the user’s ads LTV is greater than user acquisition cost


Fyber’s Impression-Level Revenue Data transfers the power of user-level data to you.


We are excited to help our partners unlock the true value of their users.


For more information about Impression-Level Revenue Data, reach out to your Fyber account manager.


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