Block ads from specific apps with our new content blocking tool in Fyber Marketplace

As part of our ongoing work to provide transparency and control to our publishers, we are launching new capabilities to our content blocking tool that allows publishers to block ads from specific apps.


One of the main pain points app publishers face today is not having the visibility around which advertisers are running ads on their apps. With the new feature, publishers using Fyber Marketplace would be able to block ads from specific apps, in addition to blocking ads from domains. 


Another pain point publishers face, as highlighted in this Digiday report, is ad quality and control over the ads running within an app. This tool aims to tackle these two pain points.


New user-friendly interface and enhanced capabilities


The content blocking tool, available in the Fyber Console, has been revamped and now contains three different ways to upload and control block lists – the existing Advertiser Domain, and IAB categories together with the new App block list. 


The main changes we’ve made include:

  1. Blocking ads by specific apps: allowing publishers to block incoming ads from certain bundles, not only from certain ad domains.
  2. Blocking at the app level: Configuring blocking lists on app-level eliminates the need to set a blocklist per each ad unit (as done previously)
  3. User-friendly interface: We are releasing a new user-friendly interface, improving efficiency for publishers (including a copy-paste feature from a CSV file)



The tool will be pre-populated with your existing block list and you’ll be able to make changes in a new self-serve interface through the Fyber Console from August 3.


Common use cases:

  • Blocking competing app bundles instead of blocking an entire domain and thus increasing available advertisers
  • Blocking content on the account level as well as at a more granular app-level 
  • Blocking content from problematic/low quality app or domain


This new tool is aligned with industry standards of managing block lists, and would increase the control publishers have on their monetization strategy. 


Already using Fyber Marketplace? Please contact your account manager for more information.

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