FAQ: The Google Advertising ID

As August 1st approaches, we are publishing a more in-depth FAQ on the Google Advertising ID to follow up on the announcement we made in June. If you have any questions or concerns that aren’t addressed below, please contact us at [email protected]

What is the Google Advertising ID?

The Google Advertising ID is a user-specific and unique identifier for advertising created by Google Play. Starting on August 1, 2014, advertisers will be required to use the Google Advertising ID (GAID). On that day, Google will change its policies to prevent the use of any other device identifiers for advertising purposes.  More information about the new policy is to be found here. We strongly advise you to consult Google’s advertising ID site before taking any action or relying on any other source.

When do I have to switch to the Google Advertising ID?

Google makes the switch to the Google Advertising ID on the August 1, 2014. This means that apps that are submitted after August 1, 2014, and still use old identifiers might be rejected from Google Play. If you are planning to update your app or submit a new app after August 1, 2014, you need to update your app so that you use only the Google Advertising ID (and no other IDs) for advertising.

Do I need to update to Google Play services?

Yes. If you are planning to update your app or submit a new app after August 1, 2014, you must include Google Play services in order to access the GAID that is used by our latest SDK (current version 6.1.2). Google will no longer be approving apps using the Android ID.

As a developer using Fyber, what do I need to do?

Fyber made the switch to support the Google Advertiser ID alongside other identifiers when we released SDK 6.0, and with the release of SDK 6.1.2, we became compliant with the new Google policies. The recommendation on what to do now depends on the version of the Fyber Android SDK you are currently running. Please see below:

For existing apps                                  Recommended action
Older than SDK 5.0This SDK version does not yet support the GAID. You should update your SDK with your next planned update to make sure you start leveraging the GAID.
SDK 5.0 to 6.1.1This SDK version already supports the GAID. No need to rush. However, with your next planned update you should update to the latest version of the Fyber SDK 6.1.2 to be fully compliant.
SDK 6.1.2 and newerYou already use the latest version of the Fyber SDK. You are fully compliant, and no further action is required from your side.
Launching a new appRecommended action
Older than SDK 6.1.2You need to upgrade to the new Fyber Android SDK version 6.1.2 or newer before you submit to ensure compliance with the new Google policies.
SDK 6.1.2 and newerYou are using a fully compliant version of the SDK. No changes needed at this point.

 What about my mediated ad networks?

Since you are not only using Fyber’s SDK but also the SDKs of mediated ad networks, we recommend you include only ad networks with updated SDKs that are compliant with Google’s new policies. This applies if you are planning a release or update after August 1, 2014. Most ad networks have released an SDK update over the last few weeks in order to comply with Google’s latest policies. At Fyber, we are currently updating and re-certifying our ad network adapters to function with ad networks’ latest and fully compliant SDK versions. For your convenience, we have created an overview of all ad networks that have updated their SDKs and are fully compliant with the new Google policies. We’ve also included a status overview of which ad network adapters have already been re-certified for use with the latest Fyber SDK. You can find the overview of supported ad networks for Android in the Fyber developer portal:

How will this change affect my revenues from the Fyber Ad Marketplace?

Google’s policy change is is affecting the entire industry. The vast majority of advertisers, demand partners and ad networks are already adjusting their tracking and targeting technology to account for the new identifier. There will be a transition period until all publishers have updated their SDKs and everyone has fully transitioned to the Google Advertising ID.  

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