Frequently Asked Questions about Fyber’s audience survey

Who is running this survey?

This survey is conducted by Fyber, a mobile advertising technology company dedicated to providing smarter ad monetization solutions to app developers. To learn more about Fyber, please visit The survey is hosted by SurveyMonkey, for more information about terms of use, please visit

What is the purpose of this survey?

This survey is designed to help us better understand the audiences advertisers can reach with Fyber. Aggregated survey data may be used in Fyber’s marketing materials, and for app-level targeting of advertising. Your individual responses will not be shared or used for user-level targeting.

What will happen to my responses?

Most importantly, your individual responses will remain completely confidential, and we will never share this data with any third parties or entities outside of Fyber. The combined data from multiple responses (aggregated data) may however be shared with our app developers, advertiser partners, or other third parties. If applicable, Fyber may internally enrich the responses you provided with data from third party sources.

What type of data are you collecting?

The survey itself consists of up to five questions about basic sociodemographic data. In addition to this, we are collecting the Fyber-internal identification number of the app you used to access this survey, as well as the unique device ID used.

Who can participate in this survey?

You are eligible to participate in this survey if you are a resident of the United States aged 14 or older, and a user of an app containing Fyber’s Offer Wall or Rewarded Videos.

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