Fyber and Game of Whales join forces to help publishers target each customer uniquely

What do Nike and Apple, Spotify and Uber, and Airbnb and Flipboard, have in common? All share three fundamental elements of a strong business partnership. Together, each collaboration:


  1. Centers around offering a better experience to drive customer engagement
  2. Complements the other in a way that their combined offering is stronger than the sum of its parts
  3. Shares a common goal


The motivation behind the strategic partnership between Fyber and Game of Whales announced last week is no different. Together, we are bringing you a new, more intelligent way to increase revenue and grow your business.

A better experience to drive user engagement

Fyber’s Impression-Level Revenue Data solution attributes each impression, along with the price paid, to the individual user engaging with the ad. Game of Whales tracks, attributes, and optimizes in-app purchases (IAPs). When combined with Game of Whale’s IAP data, publishers have a complete and accurate representation of a user’s holistic LTV.


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With this data, you can now manage the individual user experience with the highest level of granularity. Some examples are:


  • Refrain from showing any ads to IAP whales, maximizing their retention
  • Create specific retention and reengagement campaigns for individual users based on their monetization profile; target high-value users with tailored offers for in-app items
  • Target ad whales with cross promotion campaigns, and create lookalike audiences for advertisers to maximize the impact of UA efforts

Stronger as one

Up until now, publishers had no way of calculating accurate user LTV because ad revenue calculations—which can make up half of the user LTV equation—were based off estimations and aggregated data. Our Impression-Level Revenue Data solution directly notifies you of the specific user to whom an ad was shown, the price paid and whether the price was committed or estimated.


By sharing a real-time feed of the ad revenue generated by each impression, as opposed to an estimation, miscalculations are minimized and user LTV calculations are accurate. Combined with Game of Whale’s IAP data, you can now calculate the most accurate user LTV.

A common goal

Our goals are your goals. And one of your key goals is acquiring more users. To run effective user acquisition campaigns, you need to understand the true value of you users through both IAP and ad revenue.


By automatically calculating both IAP and ad revenue, you can build a holistic view of your customers, helping you predict which users will be profitable in order to create tailored experiences that will elicit relevant interactions to optimize user acquisition budgets.


The right collaboration is one that offers value greater than the sum of its parts. And that’s exactly what we have done. Contact your account manager to learn more about this new way of optimizing your revenue.


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