Driven by partnerships with leading pubs, Fyber climbs to 320M+ MAU

We’re excited to share that Fyber’s direct publisher network now reaches approximately 320M+ monthly active users (MAU), as of the most recent numbers reported for March, 2015. Approximately 72M of those users come from North America, where the number of smartphone owners is reported at 183M as of 20141. This means that Fyber currently reaches almost 4 out of every 10 smartphone users in North America.

For us, this news isn’t just about the sheer number of active users, but rather what the number represents. The growth that we’ve experienced over the past two years has been driven by the partnerships that we’ve developed with great leaders in the mobile space, such as DeNA, Social Point, GREE, PikPok, Smule, Viggle, and Kik. Our goal is to empower our clients by providing a market-leading supply-side platform paired with services that positively influence all core advertising metrics. Our unified ad network mediation and exchange tools enable partners to centrally manage their advertising stack, empowering them to make informed decisions to optimize yield and ad monetization. While strengthening our mobile SSP platform is always a core focus, we believe that the key to a successful partnership lies in the relationships established between our mobile ad monetization & solutions engineering experts, along with the commercial and technical teams of our partners. We want to understand their challenges, know how their app economies work, and provide metric-driven guidance to help them reach their goals. In short: their success is our success.

socialpoint_logo mobile ad monetizationFor example, take SocialPoint, Spain’s largest mobile game studio and a global leader of top-grossing mobile and social games. Fyber worked with Social Point to simplify the integration of their various demand partners on multiple platforms. Not only did they see eCPMs that were 45-82% higher than publishers who only integrated a single demand source, they also found great value in the guidance of Fyber’s account management team. “Compared to Account Managers I have worked with in the past, Fyber’s team is much more proactive,” said Albert Custodio, LiveOps Manager for Social Point. “They consistently stay on top of trends to give you the best advice. This is especially helpful when you are getting started with ad mediation and want to make informed decisions on which ad networks you can work with to meet specific goals.” To read more about how SocialPoint achieved success with Fyber, click here.

dena-logo with mobile ad mediationFyber also recently cemented a partnership with DeNA as their leading ad monetization partner in the US. Late last year, Tokyo-based DeNA began working with Fyber to test the effectively of various mobile ad monetization strategies, including Rewarded Video, Interstitials, and Offer Walls. The test was deployed on two apps – Super Battle Tactics and TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction – in both the iOS and Android gaming environments. The implementation immediately drove strong results in terms of increased engagement, video views, and revenue growth, resulting in Fyber being selected as DeNA’s chosen mobile ad monetization provider. Read more about the results of DeNA’s partnership with Fyber.

While we’re excited about this new milestone, our team is already looking ahead to what’s next. Not only are we continuing to build out our platform to provide more ad monetization solutions to our clients (for example, the recent roll-out of Fyber’s Programmatic Exchange & Audience Segmentation), we’re also focused on providing insights and strategic guidance that set the groundwork for long and sustained partnerships.


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