September Wrap-Up: Fyber takes GamesBeat

Gamesbeat 2014

The Fyber team has had quite a busy September! A highlight of this month was our participation in GamesBeat, VentureBeat’s annual event on disruption in the video game market. This year’s conference certainly didn’t shy away in theme: “Total World Domination”.

Clearly this tagline set the bar high for some serious discussions about the power and reach of the gaming industry. Joining in on the conversation was our very own Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder, Janis Zech, who moderated the panel, “Monetization and Doing Good” with Fyber’s partner Oliver Miao, CEO and co-founder of Pixelberry Studios. The panel showcased that a commercially successful mobile game can balance the user experience, while also having a great positive social impact.

Oliver and Janis explained how Pixelberry Studios’ hit mobile game, “High School Story”, served as a platform to organically surface some serious issues affecting teenagers’ lives, such as cyberbullying and eating disorders. Pixelberry worked with partners, like the anti-bullying non-profit Cybersmile Foundation, to effectively incorporate these topics into the game’s storyline. By interacting with different characters and solving quests, teens are exposed to coping mechanisms for serious, real-life issues through an engaging gaming experience. Pixelberry was also able to raise over $300k for the Cybersmile Foundation through revenue generated by in-app purchases.

In fact, “High School Story” was so successful at engaging users, that players actually requested that Pixelberry provide additional ways to earn premium currency, so they used rewarded video ads as a solution. The addition of these ads led to a 14% boost in 30 day retention.

Pixelberry also incorporated ads into their “Your Voice” feature, which allows users to earn virtual currency by answering poll questions. There’s a limit to the number of polls that a user can complete at one time, but engaging ads enables the user to “rush” a poll and access it sooner than they otherwise would have been able to. The “Your Voice” feature turned out to be a great success for “High School Story”:

  • DAUs (daily active users) increased 11%
  • Engagement boosted 12%
  • Revenues are tracking to exceed $1M this year

But the greatest benefit of incorporating ads into “High School Story”, Oliver explained, is that by using the money generated from ads for marketing the app, the game was able to reach and help hundreds of thousands teenagers. As long as developers take user experience into account when they are developing their advertising strategy (for example, by using opt-in ad formats), ad monetization and having a positive social impact can actually go hand-in-hand.

Outside of the sessions, traffic was also in full-swing at our booth. We made a slew of new acquaintances and were pleased to also see familiar faces. Chats centered around ad monetization, as well as user acquisition, and we were excited to hear positive feedback from existing clients.

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