Fyber & Heyzap: Upgrades to a Unified Platform

Blog_HeyzapWhen Fyber and Heyzap joined forces in January, we promised to work together to build the industry’s most powerful, flexible and customizable mobile monetization platform. And we’re excited to announce that the first phase of that promise has been fulfilled.

Starting today, all app developers currently working with Heyzap, Fyber — or even a team considering a switch from another provider – will now have access to an upgraded experience that unifies the best of both platforms.

What’s New?

This feature-rich monetization platform has immediate benefits:

  • Increased access to global demand sources
    • Improved  fill rates across Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Geos
    • A more active and flexible programmatic demand platform
    • Increased amounts of branded content
  • Improved SDK performance 
    • A server-side, configurable list of networks to always initialize at app boot
    • Combined skill sets and best practices from the Heyzap and Fyber SDK teams
    • Smarter precaching
  • A comprehensive suite of ad formats
    • Including Brand and Rewarded Video, Offer Wall, Banners and Hybrid Interstitials (all available through the Fyber Exchange and Mediation)
  • Smarter monetization
    • An improved monetization algorithm
    • More granular reports and informative analytics visualizations
  • World class support
    • Guidance from the M&G team to fuel growth
    • Smoother, dynamic integration documentation

“We’ve been really impressed by the powerful tool set the unified monetization platform has given us access to,” said Kevin Messenhimer, co-founder at fiveamp. “We love how we were able to get access to new networks so quickly, and from a technical perspective, updating to the unified SDK was as simple as other SDK updates.”

Over the next few weeks we’ll deliver a continuous stream of product updates (starting with today’s mediation news), as well as how-tos, case studies, and even real stories from team members at both Heyzap and Fyber that helped make this upgraded experience possible.

As always, we invite you to find out more by connecting with your account manager or emailing the team at [email protected].

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