Fyber Recognized as Native Partner for Facebook’s Audience Network

Mobile app monetization comes down to the numbers.

Developers need transparent, reliable access to as many demand partners as possible — and advertisers need massive reach across the widest variety of formats.

That’s why we’re delighted to share the news that developers can now work with Fyber as one of the only companies selected to participate in Facebook’s Audience Network Native Partner Program an initiative aimed at supercharging the growth of both supply and demand in mobile — especially native.

Officially announced today, the Native Partner Program is the Audience Network’s way of recognizing third-party mediation platforms that have been thoroughly vetted, tested and approved for integration with the Audience Network.

By working with Fyber and Facebook’s Audience Network:

  • Developers can get increased fill and exposure to native-enabled demand from Facebook’s roster of more than 3 million advertisers  
  • Advertisers get access to exclusive inventory across more than 7600 apps within Fyber and Heyzap’s network 

As one of the companies whose technology was vetted and approved for the Native Partner Program, the partnership reflects our dedication to building the most powerful and reliable independent monetization platform for mobile developers and publishers.

“We welcomed the vetting process for joining the Facebook’s Audience Network Partner Program, as we’re committed to providing a transparent monetization platform that developers can depend on,” said Ross Barasch, Sr. Director of Global Strategic Partnerships, at Fyber. “Integrating with the Audience Network is just the latest example of our commitment to connecting publishers to the widest variety of demand sources, and letting them choose the ones that best align with their business.”

Added Anurag Gulati, Facebook Partnership Manager: “As advertiser interest and investment in native continues to surge, it’s important that publishers find reliable mediation partners with open, agnostic platforms that will set them up for long-term success. Fyber is one of those partners, which is why we’re pleased to have them as part of our Native Partner Program.”

Any questions? Contact [email protected] for more information.

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