Fyber SDK 7.1

Fyber SDK 7.1 is now available for download through the Fyber developer portal. Let’s take a look at what’s new:

  • A better video user experience
    Our new UI provides more guidance by including a message at the bottom of the screen which indicates to your users that they can click on the ad for more information. The message appears during the first quarter of the ad. We’ve also improved the handling of video buffering and timeouts by providing the option to either close the video, or wait while it continues to buffer. In addition, we’re rolling out the ability for you to decide when the video player closing button displays. For more information on how to manage this through the Fyber API, visit our developer portal.
  • Improved landing page UI
    We’ve included a few updates to the microbrowser, such as buttons to facilitate navigation within the content, and included fixes for orientation issues.

Ready to upgrade? Follow the links below to get started.

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