Fyber’s Offer Wall comes to life with the carousel images and videos

Ever encountered a user who engages with the Offer Wall but they’re not sure what to do? By popular demand, Offer Wall Edge offers now include an informative carousel of videos and galleries of images explaining the exact requirements on how to complete the offer and get a reward.


The carousel feature improves everyone’s experience with our Offer Wall – publishers, advertisers and, of course, users. Let’s have a closer look at what it means for each of these parties.


Publishers see revenue improvements with 5% uplift in conversion rates 


– Multiple images and videos clarify the steps needed to complete the offer and receive the reward. Offers completion rates will increase, which leads to revenue uplift.


– Detailed and visualized offers reduce the number of support requests.


Advertisers improve their conversion rates by 5% at the feature launch


– New ways of showcasing offers lead to user engagement and improved conversion rates. Offers become more appealing to complete. Our tip: The better the description – the higher the conversion rate. Keep it simple yet attractive to maximize results. 


– Be creative! We highly recommend our Offer Wall advertisers to try different combinations of images and video and test different content. Visualize the steps that lead to offers’ completion, show gameplay in the video, add several images that highlight offer checkpoints, introduce your brand – the carousel potential is as limitless as your creativity.


Users enjoy offers’ new informative ‘look and feel’ and complete offers more frequently


– User engagement and retention are stronger than ever. Interactive and detailed offers description through different combinations of visuals encourages players to return to Offer Wall for the new round of fun more frequently.


The carousel feature brings benefits to everyone! You will see it yourself in no time with more and more Offer Wall partners adopting this feature.

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