flaregames increases Ad ARPDAU 10x with Rewarded Video

Monetization ARPDAU Royal Revolt

Flaregames is the publisher behind Royal Revolt 2, the popular action game that lets players build and defend their own fantasy kingdoms.

Starting in 2014 flaregames worked with Fyber’s expert monetization and growth (M&G) team to significantly increase player engagement and Ad ARPDAU in Royal Revolt 2. The success came down to getting players more engaged with rewarded video, a strategy that Fyber’s M&G team encouraged the publisher to implement with expert advice and guidance.

3 expert suggestions for increasing engagement and Ad ARPDAU

  1. Ongoing performance reviews that helped flaregames understand key metrics – In addition to daily status updates, Fyber’s M&G team analyzed Royal Revolt 2’s weekly performance to pull out the best metrics to bring to flaregames’ attention. The core metrics were the placements of ads, the level of player engagement with ads, and how they both impacted ARPDAU.
  2. Using proprietary data to help set performance targets based on network benchmarks – Fyber’s M&G team also analyzed data from similar titles within our own platform to gauge how well the ad units in Royal Revolt 2 could have been performing. Offering flaregames benchmarks that they would not have had access to was another value-add.
  3. In-game implementation recommendations that resulted in incremental growth – RoyalReolt ARPDAUAt every phase, Fyber’s M&G team offered flaregames recommendations on how to better integrate rewarded video. For example, one of the first improvements was connecting the ads to an in-game reward (in this case, allowing players to earn Food for the next battle in exchange for watching an ad). Later improvements continued to boost incremental growth.

The results were impressive – Ad ARPDAU in Royal Revolt 2 increased by more than 10x. The gains came as result of smarter placements and overall strategy around rewarded video.

“Working with Fyber, we were able to integrate rewarded video in Royal Revolt 2 in a way that made the ads and rewards a key element of the game. The increased engagement and Ad ARPDAU were a clear result of the M&G team’s industry expertise and knowledge of smart ad placements.”


Download a copy of the case study here.

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