Inneractive is Now Part of the Family

RNTS_Inneractive_FyberIt’s official.

Our parent company’s deal to acquire Inneractive Ltd has been signed and closed, following fulfillment of all required conditions. We can now (officially) say that the Inneractive team has joined the RNTS Media and Fyber family!

Increased scale, increased synergy

Tel Aviv-based Inneractive is a fast-growing mobile ad exchange with a strong RTB business and significant global scale across display and video advertising. Although the company will continue to operate as a separate entity within RNTS Media, we’re already identifying and discussing ways to connect clients across platforms, enable seamless customer access to cross-company products and collaborate on innovations to support growth.

One of the clearest synergies is the massive scale we can deliver.

The combination of Inneractive’s 630 million monthly active users (MAUs) and Fyber’s 500 million+ MAUs creates a massive audience across a variety of ad formats and geographies. This global reach is a compelling proposition for advertisers seeking to reach increasingly mobile audiences, which in turn, leads to increased demand and opportunity for our app developer and publisher partners.

Powering an open, agnostic app economy

As the third in a series of acquisitions since 2015, the closing of the Inneractive deal marks a major milestone for us. With Falk Realtime (now Fyber RTB), Heyzap and Inneractive under one family umbrella, our commitment to powering an open, agnostic app economy — by delivering industry-leading monetization tools, innovative ad formats, and programmatic, mediated and direct demand connections — is clear.  

We’re excited to move forward on our journey with the Inneractive team as we continue to fuel the app economy, empowering publishers and developers to create smart monetization strategies. Expect great collaborations and the company’s continued growth in 2016 and beyond!

Andreas Bodczek & Janis Zech

Co-founders, Fyber

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