Maximize revenue & win the holiday season rush

2021 was a growth spurt in mobile gaming – and we’re already fueling up for 2022!

Mobile apps are paramount in consumers’ lives, and it’s more important than ever for the mobile app value chain to hone in on providing the best user experience. 


Holidays and the season-of-giving spirit are in the air, and so is the influx of gamers and non-gamers across the world who will be spending more time on their devices – or unwrapping new devices and heading to their respective app stores hungry for new content. 


With so many opportunities to engage with new and existing users, we’ve gathered a few actionable tips that can help boost your revenue and make this a very jolly season for you.

Best practice: Maximize LAT waterfalls & optimize your pricing

On iOS, you can segment out your Limited Ad Tracking (LAT) users. By separating them into a different waterfall you can be more nuanced and specific about the pricing for those users. We encourage publishers to review their waterfall pricing with their ad monetization partners to guarantee maximum fill on your iOS impressions. 


Our data shows that advertisers are often willing to pay more for Non-LAT traffic (cases where IDFA/AAID are present), and publishers are seeing up to 30% increases in that traffic too. To stay competitive in this environment, we suggest raising the bid for Non-LAT traffic.


Don’t leave revenue on the table – increasing your price floor will raise the minimum acceptable bid for a specific ad. Many publishers find themselves ‘setting and forgetting’ their price floors, which leaves money on the table. 


On that note, you should pay attention to optimizing your pricing strategy for various scenarios. By splitting up your traffic by region or country, you can assign different price floors in correlation with CPMs, and also lend a hand to catching more fill. 


Best practice: Update to your latest monetization SDK

Make sure your monetization SDKs are up to date. Fyber Marketplace now supports Open Measurement SDK, which is built to ensure the inventory is measurable and campaigns are able to target and report against the variety of signals supported by the OMSDK. 


As publishers update their SDKs (version 8.1, the latest SDK in our changelogs for iOS and Android) to support open measurement, it will make their inventory eligible to access over fifty fortune 1000 brands across hundreds of video campaigns. With this update, publishers will also gain access to Digital Turbine’s direct brand demand. 


Best practice: Integrate the holiday spirit into your app

There are a number of ways to tap into the holiday season by sprucing up your app. Adding subtle themes, sales, special levels or icons keep the app relevant and fresh – as does an app logo refresh. 


  • Take App Store Optimization into account, especially if your goal is to be featured in the stores. Updating your app logo, description, keywords, and in-game features can increase your chances of being featured in the store – which subsequently increases awareness of your app and installs. 
  • Exclusive specials on IAPs, special levels, and new content also create multiple opportunities to mindfully integrate ads into your game or app and increase engagement. 
  • A/B test your holiday ad placements and creatives to strike the ones that are working and enhancing the user experience. 
  • Even though people love the holiday season, don’t forget to change your creatives and holiday themes back to normal when the clock strikes January 1st.


Best practice: Revisit Content Blocking

Working on your new year’s resolution? Maybe it’s time to revisit which ads or publishers you may have blocked using our content blocking tool. This new tool was added to Fyber’s Marketplace stack of features, allowing you to easily reexamine which apps spend a lot as well as those that could be spending on your app too – further maximizing your revenue. 


Best practice: Gifting Users with Virtual Currency Sales and extra Rewarded Videos 

Utilize the holiday time as a special incentive for users to watch more videos or participate in more offers. For example, double the fun with a two-times rewarded video special which can enhance the user experiences and complement your revenue stream. 


Integrate Offer Wall into your game and start running Virtual Currency Sales (AKA “VCS”). These limited-time events in your game can boost performance for publishers, and advertisers alike. Blend a holiday theme with these limited-time offers to add urgency, drive higher demand, and strong performance in ARPDAU, unique users, engagement rate, and increased number of conversions. VCSs also give you the opportunity to engage non-paying users. 


Best practice: Don’t let the ‘January blues’ set in

Once the ball drops and the new year rings in, brand advertisers pull back on their spend, revenue dips, and the ‘publisher blues’ set in. 


Decrease your price floors around December 26th to capture the increase in UA campaign spend. For example, the holiday season is the most popular time of the year when consumers buy or gift new phones, making it an opportune time to capture the spend when users download new apps. 


Toward the end of the year, demand partners spend more aggressively, and inventory is allocated to the demand sources that perform better. We strongly recommend enabling strong ad networks to reap the eCPM increase leading up to the holiday season. Utilizing leading mediation solutions, like Fyber FairBid can help capture these crazy spikes in traffic, automate your processes, control latency, multi-test for the best and allow you to focus on keeping your app in tip-top shape for your users. 


Prepare yourself with new creatives ready to go for after the holiday season, ensuring you make the most of low CPMs in January. 


It’s much more than just a time period with highly engaged users


This is your chance to show your users you care and that your app is more than just another icon on their home screen. Listen to the feedback from your community, act on it – the holiday season might be the best time to make your users’ wishes for the app come true.

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