Meet the new Fyber FairBid platform

Last year, we launched our industry-shaking unified auction technology. It was our first big step toward realizing our new product vision of creating a real-time app bidding environment that would increase revenue and improve ad monetization efficiency for our customers.


We’ve proven so far that our unified auction technology can deliver higher ad revenue for our mobile game developer customers, including Absolute Games, Melsoft, and many more. But the north star guiding our product vision was always something more than just building a truly programmatic bidding environment for in-app.


We launched our unified auction technology at a time of hyper-change for our company. It was also at a time when we were watching a mobile ad tech industry in search of revolutionary ideas to drive the next wave of growth.


At this time last year, we were proving the product-market fit for our groundbreaking unified auction technology that we believed the industry deserved. As more game developers started using our app bidding capabilities to earn more ad revenue, it became clear what needed to happen next. We decided to rewrite many pieces of the underlying codebase for our mediation platform from scratch to realize our vision of transforming it from a mediation platform with app bidding capabilities to a fully-fledged mobile monetization platform.


Today, we’re excited to announce the completely new Fyber FairBid platform—arguably the most significant launch in our 10-year history. The Fyber FairBid platform is more than unified auction technology for app bidding, it’s a next-generation mediation platform for mobile game developers, built from the ground up and completely designed for the in-app programmatic era—with flexibility and ease of use at its core. It’s the de facto modern mediation platform built to empower your freedom to choose. The platform allows you to choose how you want to customize your ad monetization experience, using either a waterfall setup or real-time unified auction.


Here are the best things you can expect from the new Fyber FairBid platform. Let’s dive in!

Control your ad monetization—any way you like

At the heart of the new Fyber FairBid platform is the freedom to control how you want to sell your ad inventory among demand sources, whether that’s through a sequential waterfall, fully automated unified auction with real-time app bidding, or somewhere in between.


Automate your ad setup entirely through Fyber FairBid’s unified auction technology for app bidding. You can offer ad inventory in a real-time unified auction to all demand sources at the same time, where server-side programmatic demand sources (think Google and TheTradeDesk) and programmatic mediation buyers (AdColony, Facebook, Tapjoy) bid in real time with committed eCPM bids. At the same time, SDK-based mediated networks (like AppLovin and Vungle) bid in real time with dynamic eCPM bids generated via our proprietary predictive algorithm.


Fyber FairBid platform demand source types
Demand source options include SDK-based mediated networks, programmatic buyers, programmatic mediation buyers, and custom API.


Make your ad setup your ad setup by specifying and ranking every SDK-based mediated network how you see fit. You can set a manual CPM bid (i.e. price floor) for each and every mediated network, telling the Fyber FairBid platform exactly how you want to price each demand source.


Get the best of both worlds by allowing programmatic demand sources to bid in real time on your ad space in addition to manually specifying a fixed CPM bid price—or automatically allowing our predictive algorithm to apply an auto CPM—to SDK-based mediated networks.

Manage your ad monetization in an all-new dashboard

Giving you the freedom to control your ad monetization setup any way you like is just the start of what’s in store for you in the new Fyber FairBid platform. We’re also introducing an all-new, intelligently designed dashboard experience for adding your apps, managing your ad monetization setup, and analyzing your data with our easy-to-use Dynamic Reports tool.


Fyber FairBid platform dashboard
The completely new dashboard experience.


Here’s what the new dashboard can do for your app business:


  • We built an entirely new workflow from the ground up to begin monetizing your app, making it easier for you to add an app, create and configure ad placements, and manage demand sources.
  • Understand which demand sources and campaigns are generating the most revenue for your apps in Dynamic Reports, so you can optimize your ad setup to drive higher revenue and create a better ad monetization experience for users.
  • With Dynamic Reports, you can also specify a combination of dozens of metrics (such as eCPM, bid responses, demand fill rate) and dimensions (such as demand source type, placement name, bid status) that you want to analyze, understand, and take action to improve your ad monetization strategy.
  • Make even smarter monetization decisions informed by drilling down your data beyond the app and ad format level, and all the way down to the ad placement and instance level.


Fine-tune your ad monetization with placements and instances

Speaking of ad placements and instances, we’re also introducing both of these as new features in the Fyber FairBid platform. And with help from our new Dynamic Reports tool, you can—for the first time ever—fine-tune your ad monetization experience by testing ad placements, even with different instance configurations for each placement) across different moments in your mobile game.


Create, customize, and measure different ad experiences (for the same ad format) within your app with ad placements. For each placement, you can configure it with its own demand source prioritization rules and instances, capping and frequency rules, floor prices, and reward amount and reward type (for rewarded ad formats using server-side rewarding only).


With instances you can call any given demand source (specifically an SDK-based mediated network) multiple times in the same ad setup by associating each line item of the same network with a different price floor.

Join the next generation of mediation platforms today

We’ve only scratched the surface of the new Fyber FairBid platform. We’re rolling out even more updates over the next few weeks. Upgrade to the Fyber FairBid platform today by reaching out to your Fyber account manager.


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