Mobile Acquisition 101: Unexplored Frontiers

Mobile Acquisition 101 is our blog series that covers the basics of mobile user acquisition (UA).

Last time we looked at iteration and testing, an ongoing process when it comes to executing a holistic UA strategy. This time, we’re happy to bring you with us on a journey of finding users in unexplored and emerging markets.


It’s a big world out there with plenty of fascinating regions — fast rivers, dense jungles, and breathtaking views from mountain tops. The same goes for mobile user acquisition targets — depending on the focus of your app, there are many new geographies to discover. But never fear … we’ve dug long and deep to uncover some regional UA best practices. And we’re here to shape you into the Indiana Jones of far away User Acquisition markets.

Beyond the U.S. and Western Europe

Different countries are grouped into tiers when it comes to mobile UA (and monetization). Although tiers may vary according to various providers, the general consensus is that “Tier 1” countries are predominantly English-speaking and include markets like the US, UK, Australia and Canada.

While it’s understandable that European and American app developers want to acquire users in the markets they know the best, some UA markets are truly being overlooked. And with well over 4.61 billion mobile users around the globe, the opportunity to engage with emerging markets should not be undermined. One such market is Latin America (LATAM).

Market Spotlight: LATAM

LATAM boasts a fast-growing population of smartphone and tablet users, with nearly 400 million mobile phone users in the region as of 2015.

Game and social apps have played a large role in mobile phone adoption in LATAM, and ICO Group CEO Jorge Prado recently shared some quick facts about mobile game and app users’ habits in the region. Governmental tax incentives have also sped up economic growth in LATAM, with a growing middle class with access to increased disposable income.

Still, there are cultural and technological roadblocks when it comes to driving in-app purchases (IAP) in the LATAM market, a factor that has kept some developers from actively seeking to acquire users in the region. But with predictions for nearly 73 percent of the population to be heavy mobile phone users by 2019, app and game developers that ignore this market will be missing out on a significant source of DAUs (and potential ad revenue).

“The Latin American market is expected to be the highest-growing mobile games market over the next two years,” said David Wood, Developer Relations Director North America at Fyber. “With so many potential users, the best strategy for offsetting the user acquisition costs and low percentage of IAP, is to have a strong ad monetization strategy.”

More DAUs leads to increased ad revenue, plain and simple. But before you can monetize, you have to drive downloads. So here are four tips to keep in mind when tapping into unexplored markets for mobile user acquisition:

Avoid the noise & stake out the competition

Explore less-saturated, high-growth markets for cost-effective visibility. Target regions (like LATAM) where there is less noise, and also keep your competitors’ regions in mind.

Devise a regional bidding strategy

Make informed decisions by consulting your supply partner and bid competitively in the geographical area of your choosing. For example, Cost Per View (CPV) averages are region-specific, so you should develop a unique bid approach depending on the market.

Remember that we are all unique

Don’t forget that not all audiences are created equal. A mobile UA strategy that worked in one region will not necessarily work in another area. Deep dive into local use cases to create specific audience profiles. We discussed the importance of A/B testing and iteration in our last blog post and this is something worth mentioning again — try until you get it right

Different countries, different traditions, and holidays

Don’t forget that while you are considering various markets, you should also consider varied seasonality and local holidays.

The bottom line is simple. Traveling and experiencing far away lands and cultures opens our horizons, and the same goes for a holistic UA strategy. Explore new regions, examine unusual markets for mobile user acquisition, and you’ll be rewarded with a world of new potential downloads and DAUs.

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