More granular control over your demand with impression capping

With Fyber’s impression capping controls for ad networks, you can choose the number of impressions a user will see from a particular ad network each day. This gives you control over your most valuable first impressions so you can execute more granular business agreements with your mediated ad networks.

For example, you can top-rank the 1st impression to a certain ad network, the 2nd impression to another network, and have the rest of the impressions automatically optimized to get the best eCPM.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Click on your app


2. Go to the Ad Control section of the Ad Monetization Dashboard


3. Click on the ad network you would like to set an impression cap for


4. Select “Limit max. ad impressions” and enter the number of impressions you would like to be given to this ad network


5. Order your networks by priority to decide which impression the network will receive. For example, your top ranked ad network will get the first impression


If you have questions, please contact your account manager or [email protected].

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