Offer Wall donation offers deliver social impact

When we gave users the chance to make a social impact through the Offer Wall, we saw a spike in performance. Donation offers are a great way (with easy integration) for publishers and advertisers to enable users to give back while still tuned into playing their favorite mobile games. Through this, we discovered that users don’t consider charity to be part of the money-spending paradigm – but rather see it as more meaningful. 


Here, we share how using the Offer Wall together with the donation offers initiative is showing great results and high engagement:


Engagement rates skyrocketing 


According to the latest World Giving Index, despite or perhaps because of the pandemic, donating money is up across the globe. This fits in line with our Donation offer clicks showing a 128% increase compared to the same offers previously run as Purchase offers. Users welcomed the opportunity to donate through the Offer Wall and get in-app currency in exchange. For them, it was an immediate and direct way to give back and support a cause. 


Offer Wall welcomes more NGOs and charities to join 


This Offer Wall product change was driven by our partners, and as a company supporting social impact, we were thrilled to make it a reality. Not only that, but we also noticed that donation offers could use our support to increase the performance, and it did. The implementation of donation offers resulted in Offer CTR growth by 65% in just a week. Offer Wall is ready to welcome more NGOs and charities to the list (already including American Cancer Society, Sierra Club, the Nature Conservancy, Save the Children) and connect them to highly engaged and responsive users.

Publishers benefit from “giving for good” user behavior 


More users’ interactions with Offer Wall means higher revenue for publishers. Donation offers increased our publishers’ revenue by 28% in their first week alone.

From a user’s perspective, it’s the publishers who reward them for completing the offers on the Offer Wall. But now, when a user receives in-app currency for donating, it strengthens the user’s loyalty and makes them come back to the app more frequently.

Bring out the best in your users


As simple as it should be, users now see donations as a standalone offer type on the Offer Wall. Users will see the donation amount, the actions required, and the organization where this donation will go to. From helping health organizations to nature conservations – the users get to give back as they play. The offer click redirects the user to the charity’s official page. As soon as the donation is sent, we get information about the conversion, pass it on to the publisher, and the user receives a well-deserved reward in the publisher’s app.

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