Ready to increase ARPDAU? Introducing Offer Wall Edge!

For several years, Fyber has been a leader in helping mobile app publishers maximize revenue by integrating offer walls into their monetization strategy. We are excited to announce the next generation with the release of Offer Wall Edge, which we are rolling out over the next few weeks.


Offer walls have historically been a high payout ad format that enables mobile app publishers to reward their users with in-app currency for completing certain actions (e.g., watching a video, filling out a survey, trial registration, etc). Offer Wall Edge provides a new, sleek and engaging design, as well as various design features that make it easier for users to find and complete offers. As result, publishers that were part of the Offer Wall Edge beta saw an average of 48% increase in offer conversions, and an increase in ARPDAU.

Improved design

Offer Wall Edge allows for customizable native design that fit your app’s look and feel. The easy, intuitive navigation results in more users completing offers, and thus more revenue.

Fyber Offer Wall Edge customization v2


Easier offer discoverability

The enhanced menu and offer filter enable users to easily find the offer types they enjoy completing. Users can choose between installing apps, shopping-related offers, surveys, new service registrations, or they can view all offer types. Also, the new difficulty meter indicates to users the effort required to complete the action.

Fyber Offer Wall Edge filter v2

Reduce customer support tickets

Offer Wall Edge provides details to users on what they need to do to redeem offers, and overall reduces customer support issues. This includes providing users clear, step-by-step guidance on what is needed to complete an offer. The customer support screen also provides users the status of any redemption issue, and an easy escalation path when needed.


Fyber Offer Wall Edge customer support v2


“Fyber’s Offer Wall Edge is a breath of fresh air for our ad monetization strategy,” stated Albert Custodio, product manager at mobile game developer Social Point. “It’s clearly built to improve the user experience including an easy navigation UI to find different offers, and setting expectations on steps needed for them to complete an offer. This results in improved user satisfaction, reduction in user complaints, and an overall increase in revenue for our business.”


To learn more about how Offer Wall Edge can impact your app monetization strategy, please reach out to your Account Manager or email [email protected].

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