Press Release: SponsorPay Announces A Sevenfold Increase In Users In 2010, Projects Strong Growth in 2011 Via Video Advertising And Social Media Branding Campaigns

BERLIN, Germany (February 8, 2011) – SponsorPay, the leading international social advertising platform, has announced their user base grew sevenfold between January and December last year. The company plans to extend their international leadership in 2011 by running major social media and video advertising campaigns throughout Europe as well as North and South America.

“In 2010, not only did our user base expand by seven times but by paying closer attention to users’ needs, we saw a 22% increase in engagement with our platform as well as a 20% rise in activity. The upcoming year looks even more promising with exciting opportunities lying ahead”, commented Janis Zech, Managing Director and co-founder at SponsorPay.

As SponsorPay continues to evolve and diversify its portfolio across a wide range of products, the company has become a respected player in the field of social media advertising. According to eMarketer, ad spending on social networks is expected to rise 55% to $3.08 billion in 2011. The research firm forecasts another 27.7% rise in 2012 to $4 billion. SponsorPay enables advertisers to achieve effective interaction with users in this entertainment environment. “SponsorPay’s advertising platform is a powerful instrument to boost brand awareness and take advantage of the tremendous potential presented by social media”, said Patrick Stärz, Team Leader Cooperations Marketing Management at EOL Intermedia who have been working with SponsorPay on social media campaigns for brands such as Vodafone.

SponsorPay also forecasts strong growth in 2011 riding on the fast-rising wave of video advertising. Forrester Research recently predicted the industry will account for one-fifth of total European online display ad spending at nearly €1 billion next year. Similarly, eMarketer envisions double-digit growth every year through 2014 when spending on video advertising will reach $40.5 billion in the US. SponsorPay’s platform triggers user engagement by bringing CPA videos ads directly into games and applications on social networks. The solution is designed similar to YouTube’s new skip-able advertising service TrueView in that advertisers only pay for ads users actually choose to watch, thereby resulting not only in higher return on investment but also measurably better engagement and greater virality.

“The last year has already seen some amazing developments in the market, but 2011 will be a milestone for social apps to become THE place to be for advertisers”, augured Andreas Bodczek, CEO at SponsorPay. “Brands want to extend their reach, target attractive audiences and, most of all, achieve great performance. SponsorPay delivers all this … and more.”

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