Product Update – iOS 10 and Fyber SDK

Blog_ios10_2The release of iOS 10 brings some exciting upgrades to the gaming community that are sure to increase user engagement. iOS 10 will include ReplayKit Live, a feature that live-streams your mobile gaming sessions in Replay Kit-supported apps, which is in addition to the recording support that was previously available for later video viewing of the gameplay.  

Additionally, Apple has also advanced the Limit-Ad-Tracking feature to zero out the IDFA (identifier for advertisers).  The IDFA is similar to a web browser cookie—that lets advertisers track the specific iPhone users that have viewed an ad and can help make sure a user doesn’t see the same ad twice. Understandably, this has surfaced concerns with the developer community as it will limit mobile app tracking and may affect some SDK integrations.

We’re happy to announce that all Fyber iOS SDKs are iOS 10 compatible, so there is no need for developers to update your Fyber SDK. As part of our ongoing quality assurance, we ran our SDK testing against all beta releases of Apple’s iOS 10 and tested again with the official release. 

All of our attribution partners (e.g. Tune, Kochava, AppsFlyer,  Adjust and more) have been making an effort to tackle this concern by implementing their own solutions like a proprietary fingerprinting method, etc. Please visit their blogs or reach out to them directly to understand any changes and actions you may need to take.

For our mediated ad network partners, we’re working closely with each of them to make sure that their latest SDKs support iOS 10, and our mediation bundles will be updated to accommodate their compatible SDKs as soon as possible. Here are some handy links for more information:

  • Our Developer portal iOS page for more details or to download our SDK
  • For the current status for each ad network partner information please scroll to the bottom of the following relevant pages on our Developer Portal; we’ll continue to revise this page as things progress  

Feel free to reach out to your account manager or email [email protected] with any questions.


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