Special delivery: Your FairBid Gift Basket

Our FairBid product teams have been working non-stop in the past few weeks to deliver the best holiday gift basket to our publishers. From new reports to new automated tools – everyone could find something in this-coming-soon bundle.

It’s here! FairBid Cohorts Report

This addition to dynamic reports allows publishers to get insights on user engagement and LTV based on their time in the game since first launching it. By analyzing data from the first day of app use onwards, publishers will be able to see trends, identify anomalies and effects of different app versions on LTV and retention rates. The Cohorts Report will appear in your account in the next few weeks.



Common use cases for cohorts report:

  • Analyzing the impact of specific app updates on LTV and retention rates
  • Identifying patterns of user engagement and predicting future behaviour
  • Identifying cohorts trends by applying splits (like mediated network, IDFA availability and more)

Eliminate manual work with our Management API

The Management API (currently in beta) allows FairBid (and Marketplace) publishers to create and modify their apps, placements, and instances without the need to log into the Fyber Console. By using the Management API, the manual work of creating and updating instances and placements is eliminated and you can focus on the most important thing which is growing your app business.

Auto switch between manual and automatic CPM

Continuing the theme of eliminating manual work, our upcoming smart switch release allows publishers to automatically switch manual and automatic CPM prediction methods for your waterfall instances. Manual CPM is the initial recommendation publishers provide the FairBid system when first creating an instance- it’s based on a “guesstimation” of how this instance will perform. Now with the flip of a switch (check box for each instance) this manual input will update automatically to the auto CPM prediction method after it receives enough information to update. This switch to auto CPM allows publishers to leverage FairBid machine learning and up-to-date data, allowing faster waterfall optimization without any manual work. This feature will be available in your account in the upcoming weeks.


Coming soon: a new FairBid SDK version with added goodies!

Our last gift in this bundle would arrive just before the festive season begins and could be fully leveraged in the new year – FairBid’s new SDK version (3.22) packed with goodies – stay Tuned!



Be sure to enjoy all these FairBid festivities in the next few weeks, and these will be fully rolled out in the new year!

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